Fabolous Lyrics

Big Tuh (2019)

Crown Fried EP (2017)

R&Bae (2017)

Rapture CDS (2017)

Welcome 2 Millyvile (2016)

Wicked Freestyle (2016)

Hollywood: A Story of a Dozen Roses (2015)

Dont Shoot - Single (2014)

Fit of the day (2013)

Loso's Way 2: Rise to Power (2013)

Cashin Out (2011)

Let the Drummer Get Wicked (2011)

Coco Loso 2 (2010)

Step Up 3D (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (2010)


Fire Litty ???? 3 (2009)

Mood Muzik 3: The Album (2008)

Who Is Asia Cruise? [Shelved] (2008)

My Girl Gotta Girlfriend (Promo CD Single) (2007)

The Official Rich Yung Mixtape (2007)

You, Me and the Radio (2007)

Chapter 3: The Flesh (2005)

MuchDance 2006 (2005)

Westside Story (2004)

Like Mike - Music From the Motion Picture (2002)

NBA Live 2003 Soundtrack (2002)

Based on a True Story (2001)

Jimmy Cozier (2001)

Where My Girls At? (Remix) (1999)

All About It (Remix)

B.M.F Mixtape Vol. 1

Beautiful Soul + Up Close

Don't Stop CD-S

Father Forgive Me

Fuck Love


Last Of The Best

Remix Dat Gucci Shit


Summertime Shootout 3

Tapemasters Inc. - I'm On One Part 2

The Remixes! - EP

Used 2 Be/Over Easy (CD-S)

Waist Deep Soundtrack

You Got Me Remix (iTunes Release)

Other Songs

#Hypebeast Just Do It Intro
.44 Freestyle
10 Summers [Album Art + Tracklist]
2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted
2008 BET Cypher #3
3 Kings
4 Digits
4am Flex
6 Minutes
A Milli
A Toast to the Good Life
About That Life
About That Life (Remix)
Affirmative Action Freestyle
Ah Man
Ahh sh*t
Ain't Nuthin Ta f*ck Wit Freestyle
Albert Pujols
All About It
All About It (Remix)
All for the Love Freestyle
All Good
All I Do Is Win (Remix)
All I Want
All Jokes On You
All That (Lady)
All The Way Turnt Up
All The Way Up (Remix)
All There
Another Round (Remix)
Ashanti (Remix)
Ashanti Remix
B.A.S. Freestyle
B.K. Style
Baby Don't Go
Back To Do The Damn Thing
Bad & Boujee
Bad & Boujee
Bad and Boujee (Megamix)
Bad b*tch
Bad b*tch (Remix)
Bad Girl
Ball Drop
Ball Til You Fall
Ball Till You Fall
Bang Bang
Bars R' Us
Beamer, Benz, or Bentley Remix
Beautiful Girls (Remix)
Beauty Remix (Soul Tape 2)
Been Around The World Freestyle
BET Cypher 2008
Big Chain
Birthday Sex (Remix)
Bish Bounce
Black Bird
Black City
Black Girl Lost Freestyle
Black Mamba Freestyle
Blah Blah Blah (Remix)
Blao! (OG Mix)
Bling Blaow
Body Bag
Body Bag (Remix)
Body Count
Body Ya
Boo'd Up Remix
Boogie Oogie Oogie
Boottee (Remix)
Boottee (remix) (a cappella)
Boottee (remix) (clean)
Boss b*tches And Fast Cars
Bottles & Rockin' J's
Bottles And Rocking J's
Bricks (Remix)
Bring Death To Em
Bring It Back
Bring It Back (Remix)
Broken Hearted Girl
Bubble Gum
Call Me
Can I Live
Can You Hear Me
Can't Deny It
Can't Deny It (Featuring Nate Dogg)
Can't Let U Go
Can't Let You Go
Can't Let You Go (Remix)
Cashin Out (Remix)
Cashin' Out (Official Remix)
Caught Up (Remix)
Change Up
Change You or Change Me
Chasing These Bands
Check on Me
Church (Featuring Charlie Murphy)
Cinnamon Apple
City Lights
City lights (feat. fabolous)
Click & Spark
Closing Prayer (Outro)
Cocaina Shawty
Comedy Central
Coming For You (Freestyle)
Computer Love
Crazy Love
Cross the Border (J.B.M. Remix)
Cuff Yo Chick
Cuffin Season
Cuffin Season (Cover)
Cuffin Season (Remix)
Dale Don Dale (Remix)
Damaged remix ft:Fabolous
Dance Move
Dance Move
Death Comes in 3's
Death In The Family
Death Penalty
Det Går Bra Nu (Remix)
Deuces (Fabolous & André 3000 Remix)
Deuces (Remix)
Diamonds (Alternate Version)
Diamonds (The Soul Tape 2)
Diamonds On My Damn Chain
Diced Pineapples
Dip It Low
Dip It Low (No Rap)
Dirty Picture (Remix)
Do It Again (Throw Ya Hands Up)
Do Me No Favors
Do the Damn Thang
Do The Damn Thang
Do the Damn Thing
Doin It Well
Don't Ever Play Yourself
Don't Make No Sense
Don't Mind
Don't Run (Remix)
Don't Say sh*t
Don't Shoot
Don't Stop
Don't Stop Won't Stop
Dope b*tch (Remix)
Dope Boys
Dram's On Time (skit)
Drugs (Do This to Me)
Every Time
Everything Was The Same
Everything's A Go (Remix)
Everything, Everyday, Everywhere
Exhibit F
Eyes On Me
F vs. J Intro
F With U
F You Too
Fabolous-Brooklyn we go hard
Faith in Me
Fall Back
Fall Back
Fall Back
Family Affair (Remix)
Family Affair (Spanish Fly remix)
Family Reunion
Family Reunion [Remix]
Fantastic Four Pt. 2
Fast Like A Nascar
Fast like a nascar freestyle
Feel Like I'm Back
Feeling You Now
Ferrari Lifestyle
Ferrari Lifestyle
Fire Remix - Joe Budden
First Time
Fit of the Day 11/19/13
Flipmode (Remix)
Fly (English Version)
Fly (Translated)
Fly Away
Fly Together
Foolish (Remix)
For The Family
For the Love
For the Money
For the Summer
Forgive Me Father
Freestyle (60 Minutes Of Funk, Volume IV: The Mixtape)
Freestyle on Hot 97 (08/31/10)
From Nothin' to Somethin' Intro
f*ck 'Em All
f*ck Wit Street Fam
Fully Loaded
Funeral Service Music
Gangsta Don't Play
Get At Me
Get Down
Get Down or Lay Down
Get Right
Get Right
Get Right (Remix)
Get Right (Special Version)
Get Smart
Get Ya Money (Album Version)
Get Ya Money (Testimony album)
Get Yo Money
Ghetto (feat. Thara) - Amended
Girlfriend (Remix)
Go Ahead
Goin' Down
Gone for the Winter
Good life
Good Lovin (Remix)
Got Me Crazy
Got That Work
Got That Work (Freestyle)
Gotta Be a Thug
Gotta Be Thug (Bonus Track)
Goyard Bag
Grand Theft Audio
Grind & Pray/Get Ya Money
Ground Up
Gucci Everything
Guess Who's Bizzack?
Guest House
Hate Me Now
Haters hating
Here's Another Hit
Hi Hater (Remix)
Hold You Down (Remix)
Holla At Somebody Real
Hope She Cheats On You Remix
Hot n*gga (Remix)
Hottest in the Hood (Remix 1)
House Party (Remix)
How We Do?
I B on Dat
I Be On That (Remix)
I Came for the Money
I Can't Hear The Music
I Changed A Lot [Tracklist + Album Cover]
I Don't f*ck With Christmas
I Got Love Remix
I Love It
I Miss My Love
I Pray
I Really Wanna Know You
I Really Wanna Know You
I Usually Don't
I'm A G
I'm Da Main (Remix)
I'm Gettin' Money
I'm Goin Down
I'm Ill
I'm Ill Pt. 3
I'm On 3.0
I'm Raw
I'm the Man
I'ma Boss
If They Want It
If They Want It (Bonus Track)
Imma Do It
In Control
In Love With You/Gemini
In My Hood
In my hood - amended
In The Field Remix
In The Morning
In The Morning
Into You
Into You (feat. Tamia) - Main Mix
Into You (Remix)
Into You [Main Mix feat. Tamia]
Intro (Street Dreams)
Is This Our Last Time
It Ain't Over Til It's Over
It's All Right
It's Alright
It's Gangsta
It's Ghetto
It's Going Down
It's in the Game
It's Me Snitches
It's My Time
It's Okay (One Blood) [Remix]
Itchin (Remix)
Its Goin' Down
Jackin' for Beats
Joke's on You
Keep It Real
Keepin' it Gangsta
Keepin' it Gangsta (Remix)
Keys to the Street
Killin' 'Em
Kingdom come
Kiss My Lips (Remix)
Kiss Your Ass Goodbye (Extended Remix)
Kiss Your Ass Goodbye (Extended Remix)
Kiss Your Ass GoodBye(Remix)
Know You Better
Last Night a DJ Saved My Life
Last Time
Lately (Remix)
Lay Down
Leave You
Leaving You
Left, Right
Lemonade (Remix)
Let Him Go
Let It Go (Remix)
Let Me Be the One (Remix)
Let the Beat Build (Freestyle)
Let's Just Do It
Levelin' Up
Life Is So Exciting
Life Is So Exciting (Remix)
Life's a b*tch Freestyle
Lights Out
Lights Out (I Don't See Nobody)
Like This
Like This
Live for Today
Look At Her (You Be Killin' Em Pt. 2)
Look Like
Lord Knows
Lord Knows (Megamix)
Loso's Way
Louis Vuitton
Love Come Down
Love Come Down (Bad Boy Remix)
Ma' Be Easy
Major Key [Tracklist + Album Art]
Make Me Better
Make Me Better (Remix)
Make Me Feel Better
Make Some Noise
Make U Mine
Make U Mine Featuring Mike Shorey
Makin Love
May I
Maybach Music 2.5
Meek Mill - Uptown Vibes ft. Fabolous & Anuel AA
Milly Rock (Remix)
Milly Rock (Remix)
Mira Mira Ven Aqui
Mo Brooklyn, Mo Harlem, Mo Southside
Mo Cars Mo Hoes
Monday Night Mixtape 98' Freestyle
Money ($ * / ...)
Money Ain't No Issue
Money Chase
Money Goes, Honey Stay
Money Goes, Honey Stay (When the Money Goes Remix)
Money Goes, Honey Stay (When The Money Goes Remix) - Album Version (Edited)
Money Money Money
Money Talks
Money, Power, Respect Freestyle
More Than A Pretty Face
More Than Love
Motivation [Part II]
Mr. R.I.P
My Chick Better
My Dawgs
My Girl Gotta Girlfriend (Remix)
My Life
My Own Step
My sh*t
My Time
Never Duplicated
Never Let it Go
Next Generation
n*gga Please
Nightmares Ain't As Bad
No Losses
No Need For Conversation
Not give a f***
Not Give a f*ck
Not Give a f*ck (Remix)
Now Ride
Now What
Nu Gambino
Oh Let's Do It
Oh Lets Do It (There Is No Competition 2)
Oh My
Oh My God
On the Dot
One Day
One Wish (Desert Storm Remix)
Only Life I Know
Ooh Yea
Oops Oh My (Original Version)
Panda Freestyle
Panda Remix
Paper Touchin (Remix Part One)
Paper Touchin (Remix Part Three)
Paper Touchin (Remix Part Two)
Pay Back Music
Payback Music
Peace Sign
Peaches and Cream (DJ Clue Remix)
Perfect Match
Phone Numbers
Pick Up the Phone
Po Po
Pretty Gang
Pretty Girls (Remix)
Quiet Storm Freestyle
R&B b*tches
R&B Chicks
Rack City (Remix)
Racked Up Shawty
Rap & Sex
Real One
Real Playa Like
Real Talk (1, 2, 3)
Real Talk (123) - Amended
Really Tho
Remember the Titans
Representin' (Remix)
Respect It
Respect My Conglomerate 2
Return of the Hustle
Ride For This
Riesling and Rolling Papers
Riesling Rolling Papers
Right Above It
Right Now & Later On
Right Now (Remix)
Rims (skit)
Rockin That sh*t (Remix)
Roger That
Round & Round
Running Your Mouth
Salute 100 Y'all
Same Party (All My Hoes)
Say Aah
Sex Wit Me
Shawty Is A 10
Shawty Is Da sh*t
She Did It
She Don't Put It Down (Remix)
She Don't Put It Down (Video Remix)
She Got Her Own
She Got Her Own (Miss Independent Remix)
She Loves Me
She Wildin'
She Wont
She's All I Got (Remix)
She's No You Remix
Shook Ones Freestyle
Should Be You
Sicker Than Yo Average
Sit 'Em Sideways
Sittin' In My Car
Slow Down
Slow It Down
So Ghetto (Freestyle)
So Into You [Remix]
Some Free
Some Gangster sh*t
Sorry Not Sorry
Sorry not sorry remix
Soul Food
Sound Bwoy Bureill (Freestyle)
Special Delivery Freestyle
Spend It
Spend That sh*t
St Elmos Fire
Stacks Up
Stand Up
Stand Up (Remix)
Start It Up
Start it Up (Extended)
Start It Up (Remix)
Started Something
Steve Jobs
Still Can't Deny It
Still Here
Straight For The Summer
Streets On Lock
Success Is Revenge
Suicide 2
Summer Body
Summer on Lock
Summertime Sadness
Summertime Shootout 2: The Level Up [Tracklist + Album Art]
Summertime Shootout [Tracklist + Album Cover]
Superwoman (Remix)
Supreme (Remix)
Swag Champ
Swag Champ (Cover)
Swagger Right
Take It Easy Freestyle
Take You Home
Takin' Pictures
Taking Pictures
Talk About It
Tangerine (Gentlemen's Club Remix)
Team Litty
Tell Ya Friends
Tell yo friends about it
That Chicken (Remix)
That's How We On It (Remix)
That's Not Love
That's OK
That's The Way We Like It
The Bad Guy
The Eulogy (Intro)
The Fabolous Life
The Finer Things
The Freshest
The Get Back
The Great Americans
The Hope
The One You Need
The Plug
The Realest
The Wake
The Walls
The Way (Fabolous Remix)
The Way (Intro)
The World Is Yours Freestyle
The Young OG Project Album Art and Tracklist
Theme Music
There He Go
Thim Slick
Thim Slick (Cover)
Think Ya'll Know
Third Shift
This Is Family
This Is It (Luchini 2010)
This is My Party
This is not a love song
Throw Back
Throw Back (Bonus Track)
Throw it in the Bag
Throw It in the Bag
Throw It In The Bag (Remix)
Tit 4 Tat
Tit 4 Tat (feat. Pharrell) - Amended
To The Money
To the Sky
Told Y'all Freestyle
Tonight & Love Come Down
Top Of The Game
Touch the Town
Touch The Town (Back Again)
Trade it All
Trade it all (feat. jagged edge)
Trade It All (Part 2)
Trade It All (Part II)
Trade it All (Pt. 2)
Trade It All (Remix)
Trade It All, Pt.2
Trap Queen (French Montana / Fabolous Remix)
Trap Royalty
Trapline Bling
Try It
Twisted Freestyle
Type Of sh*t I Hate
Type of sh*t I Hate (Remix)
U Ain't Sayin sh*t
U Make Me Better
Uh Ooh (Remix)
Uh Oooh (Remix)
Up On Things
Uptown Vibes
Used 2 Be (Rap Version)
Wake Up Everybody
Walk In New York Freestyle
Walk Like It, Talk Like It
Walking Trophy (Remix)
Walking Trophy (Remix)
Want You Back
We Be Like This
We Don't Give A
We Get High
We Get It On
We Good
We Here
Welcome to My Workplace
What I Be On
What it Look Like
What Should I Do
What's My Name
Whatever I Wan' Do
When I Feel Like It
When I Feel Like It (Exclusive)
Where My Girls At? (Remix)
Whip It
White Girl (Remix)
White N Navy
Who Do You Love
Who Do You Love (Remix)
Why Wouldn't I
Why wouldn't i (feat. paul cain)
Wicked Freestyle
Wild Thots
Will Smith (Sway Freestyle)
Wishing (Remix)
Wishing (Remix)
Wolves In Sheep Clothing
Wolves In Sheeps Clothing
Y'all Don't Hear Me Tho
Ya Betta
Yayo (Remix)
Yayo (Remix) 1
Yep, I'm Back
You Ain't Got Nuthin'
You Already Know Freestyle
You Be Killen Em freestyle
You Be Killin Em
You Be Killin Em Remix
You Be Killin Em Remix
You Can't Deny It
You Don't Know
You Don't Know Bout It
You Got Me (Remix)
You Know
You Made Me
You Make Me Better
Young & Sexy
Young & Sexy (feat. Pharrell & Mike Shorey) - Amended
Young OG
Young OG (real one)
Young OG II
Young'n (Holla Back)
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