D12 Lyrics

Welcome To The Pyrex (2008)

Lost In London (2006)

Payin' Dues (2006)

The Longest Yard (Music From and Inspired by the Motion Picture) (2005)

The Magic Sound Of Deep Dance Presents - The Eminem Show (2003)

MuchDance 2002 (2001)

Now That's What I Call Music! 50 (2001)

The Up in Smoke Tour (2000)

Bad Company Soundtrack


Damaging Words

Detroit Underground 2000 Volume II

Diss Me, Diss You

Flood These Streetz

Non Album Single

Welcome to Shitsville

Other Songs

14 Emcees
2004 Tim Westwood Freestyle
40 Oz.
5 Fingers of Death Freestyle (Sway in The Morning)
6 in the Morning (Come On In)
6 Reasons
711 (Skit)
9 Year Old Rapper (sh*t On You Eminem D12 Remix)
Act a Fool
Activity as Phuctivity
Ain't Nuttin' But Music
Air Strike (Pop Killer)
American Psycho
American Psycho II
Another Brick in the Wall (Part IV)
Another Public Service Announcement
Art Of War
Backstage in London (Short Version)
Backstage in London 2001 (Full Version) - Tim Westwood
Bad News
Beat Goes On
Beat Goes On (Feat Slaughterhouse & D12)
Been A Hoe
Bizarre (Skit)
Bizarre (Skit) [2004]
Bizarre Freestyle
Black Owl pus*y Beataz Mix
Blow My Buzz
Bring Our Boys
Bugz '97
Bugz 97 (skit)
Build With You
Canon (Freestyle)
Census Bureau
Census Bureau
Chance to Advance
Clint Eastwood (Live at Demon Dayz Festival)
c*ck and Squeeze
Come On In
Commercial Break
Cruel Intentions
D12 World
Derelict Theme
Derty Dozen (Eminem's part)
Devil's Night
Dirty Dozen
Dirty, Filthy, Rotten, Scoundrels
Doe Rae Me (Hailie's Revenge)
Don't Try This at Home
Dude (Skit)
Eminem's Basement (Freestyle)
Evil World
Fame (Going Crazy)
Fight Music
Flight Music [Fight Music Clean Edit]
Freestyle (Track 28)
f*ck Battlin
f*ck In The Truck
f*ck you
f*ckin' Yo Mama (Skit)
f*ckin' You Up
Gay Health Club (Skit)
Get Back
Get Back
Get My Gun
Girls (Limp Bizkit Diss)
Git Up
Good Die Young
Hit Em Up III
Hit Me With Your Best Shot
How Come
How Come (Original Cut)
I Aint Trippin
I Am Gone
I Go Off
I Go Off (Freestyle)
I Made It
I Remember (dublicate)
I'll Be Damned
I'm Killin It
If You Want It
Intro (Return of the Dozen Vol. 1)
Intro (Skit)
Just Like U
Keep Talkin'
Kick In The Door (Murder inc. Diss)
Kill Zone (Freestyle)
King Kong
Kuniva Freestyle (Made You Look)
Leave Dat Boy Alone
Leave Dat Boy Alone (DJ Green Lantern mix)
Let's Go
Lies & Rumors
Long Road
Mama?! (Skit)
Midwest n*gga
Mrs. Pitts
My Ballz
My Ballz (duplicate)
My Band
My Words are Weapons
Nasty Mind
Nuthin' at All
Nuthin' At All
Obie Trice (Skit)
Obie Trice (skit)
On Fire (Freestyle)
One Shot 2 Shot
Outro (Cheers)
Pimp Like Me
Pimplikeness (duplicate)
Pistol Pistol
Play This Game
Plead for Your Life
Pressed Your Luck
Proof Freestyle
Purple Hills
Purple hills - radio edit
Purple Pills
Quitter (Everlast Diss)
Rap Game
Rap Game (8 Mile Sample)
Rape a Bartender
Raw As It Gets
Sh*t on you
Shady Camp (Interlude)
She Devil
sh*t Can Happen
sh*t On You
sh*t On You
sh*t on You (a cappella)
sh*t on You (clean)
sh*t on You (DJ Butter Mega mix)
sh*t on You (explicit)
sh*t on You (instrumental)
sh*t On You (Snippet)
sh*t on You (street)
Slow Your Roll
Smackdown (Back Down Royce)
Smackdown (Royce Da 5'9" Diss)
Stay High
Steel Ill
Steve Berman (Skit)
Steve Berman (skit)
Steve's Coffee House
Steve's Coffee House (skit)
Suck It
Swift Freestyle (Promo)
That's How (DJ Butter remix)
That's How (Skit)
That's How People
That's How...
The Set Off
These Drugs
Throw It Up
Trife Thieves
U Never Know
U R the One
Under the Influence
Under The Influence (Snippet)
We Back
Wee Wee
When the Music Stops
Where My Kids At? (Skit)
Whether or Not
Words Are Weapons
You're Not Gangsta
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