Vinnie Paz Lyrics

Rosebudd Infantry: The Marcberg Files (2019)

CZARFACE Meets Metal Face (Instrumentals) (2018)

Dank God, Vol. 1 (2016)

D.N.A. (Dopest Nigga Alive) (2015)

Watson & Holmes (2014)

Blaq Death (2013)

Brothers Of The Stone (2013)

From The Wrong (2013)

The Underworld (2013)

Everything's A Gamble Vol. 3 (2012)

Everything's a Gamble, Volume 3 (2012)

Hardbodie Hip Hop (2012)

The Priest Of Bloodshed (2012)

Collective Bargaining (2011)

Doap Traffiking (The Rise and Fall of Darth Nixon) (2011)

Greatest Features (2009)


I Heard It Today (2009)

The Psycho's Back (2009)

Conspiracy of Silence (2008)


The Labor Union (2008)

Alien Warfare Vol. 1 (2007)

Contacts + Contracts II (2006)

Syzemology (2006)

The Sound and the Fury (2006)

The Lost Freestyle Files (2003)

The Five Perfect Exertions (1998)

Amber Probe EP (1996)

Classified Intelligence

Goya product with a twist of soul food


True Lies/End of Days

Other Songs

120% Darkside Justice
44 Magnum
7 Fires of Prophecy
7th Ghost
A Blood Red Path
A Bullet Never Lies
A Storm of Swords
Age of Quarrel
Agony Fires
Ain't sh*t Changed
All Shall Perish
And God Said to Cain
And Now
And So it Burns
And Your Blood Will Blot Out The Sun
Angels of Death
Animal Rap
Aristotle's Dilemma
Army of the Godz
Army of the Godz (Duplicate)
Army of the Pharaohs: War Ensemble
As It Was in the Beginning
Astral Traveling
Astral Traveling - Instrumental
Bad Day
Bad Hombres
Bare Knuckle Boxing
Battle Cry
Battle Hymn
Beautiful Love
Becoming the Absolute
Before the Great Collapse
Beyond the Gates of Pain
Big Boyz
Black Christmas
Black Mass Lucifer
Black Vikings
Black Vikings
Black Winter Day
Blades of Glory
Bleed For Me
Blitz Inc.
Blood Addiction
Blood In Blood Out
Blood Meridian
Blood On My Hands
Blood Reign
Blood Runs Cold
Bloodborn Enemy
Bloody Tears
Blue Steel
Bodysnatchers (Grim Reaperz Remix)
Books of Blood: The Coming of Tan
Brick Wall
Broken Safeties
Brute Force 2
Burn You Alive
Burning The Mirror
Bushmaster Music
Butcher Knife Bloodbath
Byzantine Jewelry
Carnival of Souls
Certified Dope
Chain Reaction
Chain Reaction
Chain Reaction (Apathy Remix)
Chalice (DJ Kwestion Remix)
Change Gonna Come
Children of God
Chinese Water Torture
Coka Kings
Cold In Philadelphia
Cold, Dark, And Empty
Come Back Down
Communion: The Crop Circle Thesis
Conjure The Legions
Conspiracy Of Silence
Conversation with a Bullet
Cornerstone of the Corner Store (Tracklist + Cover Art)
Crime Library
Crispy Innovators
Curse of the Pharaohs
Dark Of The Night
Dead Shall Rise
Deadly Melody
Deadly Sins
Deadly Sins
Death By Guillotine
Death March
Death Messiah
Death Messiah 2012
Death To You
Death Toll Rising
Deathbed Doctrine
Deathless Light
Design in Malice
Destiny Forged in Blood
Devil's Rebels
Digital War
Directors of Photography [Credits]
Don't Cry
Drag You To Hell
Drag You To Hell (DJ Brans Remix)
Drag You To Hell (Sicknature Remix)
Drama Theme
Drenched in Blood
Dualtow Night Eagle
Duel to the Death
Egyptian Moses
Emsikni | امسكني
End of Days
Envy the Dead
Exertions (Remix)
Eye is the King
[email protected] Outta Here
Feast of the Wolves
Fed to the Lions
Feign Submission
Fire and Ice
Flat Line
Floating Goat
Fraudulent Cloth
Freshco & Miz
f*ck Ya Life
f*ck Ya Life (C-Lance Remix)
Game Time
Gemini Lounge
Genghis Khan
Genghis Khan (Manu Beats Remix)
Geometry of Business
Get This Low
God Bless
God Forsaken
God Particle
God's Shadow
Golan & Globus
Golden Casket
Gospel of the Worm
Grand Opening (Remix)
Gun Ballad
Gutta Music
Habitat of The Gasmask
Hashem on a Pentagram
Headless Ritual
Heavenly Divine
Heavenly Divine (Remix)
Heavy Artillery
Heavy Metal Kings
Hebrew Tau
Hell's Messenger
Hell’s Henchman
Henry VIII
High Price Shots
Hollow Light Severed Sun
Hollow Points
Honkey Kong
Honkey Kong
I Against I
I Against I Revisited
I Who Have Nothing
If He Dies, He Dies
If I Don't Go to Hell
Impaled Nazarene
Imperial Tyranny
In The Coldness Of A Dream
In the Middle of Nowhere
Innermost Hate
Interlude 2
Interlude 3
Interlude 4
Into the Arms of Angels
Intro (The Cornerstone of the Corner Store)
Invisible Chess
Iron Tusk
Is Happiness Just A Word?
It Ain't Easy
Jail Cell Recipes
Jake LaMotta
Keep It Movin
Keep Movin' On
Keeper of the Seven Keys
Kill 'em All
Kill Devil Hills
Killing Technology
King Among Kings
King Diamond
Kingdom Crusher
Kublai Khan
La Montagna del Dio Cannibale [Interlude]
Language is Fatal
Last Breath
Last Straw (Onesoul Remix)
Laughin at You
Legacy of the Prophet
Lemarchand's Box
Leviathan (The Spell of Kingu)
Liberal Arts
Limb From Limb
Listen Up
Looking For Trouble
Luxor Temple
Man Made Ways
Man Made Ways
Marciano's Reign
Masked Stickups
Me Ne Shalto
Merchant of War
Mercyful Fate
Metal In Your Mouth
Monster's Ball
Moroccan Jewels
Mossberg Solution
Mossberg Solution
Murda Type Thinkin'
My Universe
Nada Cambia
Necklace Of Heads
Neva Antiquated
Neva Antiquated: Dark Jedi Remix
Never Get High
Nineteen Ninety Three
Ninkyo Dantai (Yakuza)
No Jesus, No Beast
No More Games
No Spiritual Surrender
Not Again
Not Again
Nubian Metal
Oath of the Goat
On the Eve of War (Julio Cesar Chavez Mix)
On The Eve Of War (Meldrick Taylor Mix)
OPG Theme
OPG Theme
Outlive the War
Pages in Blood
Paul and Paz
Petrus Steel
Philo: Metatron: Wisdom
Pistolvania 2
Poison in the Birth Water
Power of Music (Promo)
Pray For Sleep
Pretty Little Whores
Problem Solver
Put 'Em in the Grave
Rashindun Caliphate
Raw is War
Raw is War 2003
Razor Gloves
Razorblade Salvation
Requiem For Black Benjy in 2 Parts
Retaliation (Remix)
Righteous Kill
Righteous Revenge
Ripped To Shreds
Rise of the Machines
Rival the Eminent
Road Warrior
Road Warriors
Role of Life
Russo's On The Bay
Sam Peckinpah
Sam Pecknpah
Same Story (My Dedication)
Same Story (My Dedication)
San La Muerte
Santa Sangre
Santa Sangre
Scars of the Crucifix
Seance Gone Wrong
Seance of Shamans
See You in Hell
Serenity in Murder
Shadow Business
Shadow of the Guillotine
Silence & I
Slum Chemist
Souls from the Streets
Speak Now
Speech Cobras
Steel Sharpens Steel
Street Lights
Street Lights (Grim Reaperz Remix)
Street Wars
Street Wars (Earnotik Remix)
Strike Back
Sundae Bloody Sundae
Sword and Bullet
Take Hip-Hop Back
Target Practice
Target Practice (Shuko Remix)
Tear It Down
Tear it Up
Terror Network
The Age of Sacred Terror
The Apostle's Creed
The Coffin
The Commission
The Crown Is Mine
The Danger
The Danger (Remix)
The Deer Hunter
The Demon's Blade
The Devil's Ransom
The Executioners Dream
The Final Call
The Five Perfect Exertions
The Fusion Centre
The Game
The Ghost I Used to Be
The God Supreme
The Golden Casket
The Hate and the Blame
The Heart Of Darkness Interlude
The House Always Wins
The Immaculate Conception
The Killing Fields
The King's Curse
The Kingdom That Worshiped the Dead
The Letter Concerning the Intellect
The Military Mind of Chaka Zulu
The Onslaught
The Oracle
The Philosophy of Horror
The President's Wife
The Rage of Angels
The Sacrilege Of Fatal Arms
The Tempter and the Bible Black
The Three Immortals
The Ultimatum
The Underworld
The Vice of Killing
The Void
The Wait Is Over
The Winds of War
The Wolf
The Worst
There's No Wi-Fi in Valhalla
This is War
Three the Squad way
Through Blood By Thunder
Tibetan Black Magicians
Time to Rock
Told U
Tongan Death Grip
Torture Chamber
Trail of Lies
True Lies
True Lies
Tug of War
Two Masked Men
Uncommon valor
Uncommon Valor: A Vietnam Story
Untitled (Bonus Track)
Urban Gorillas
Verses of the Bleeding
Vinnie Paz - You Can't Be Neutral On a Moving Train (German Translation)
Violent Rage
Visual Camouflage
Walk With Me
Walk With Me
Walk With Me
War Ensemble
War Machine
War Room
Washed in the Blood of the Lamb
Watch Out
Watch Your Step
Weapon Of Unholy Wrath
What She Left Behind
What's Really Good
When All The Light Dies
When Crows Descend Upon You
When Crows Descend Upon You (C-Lance remix)
When the Body Goes Cold
When You Need Me
When You Need Me
Willing A Destruction Onto Humanity
Winter Soldier
Wolves Amongst the Sheep
Writings on Disobedience and Democracy
Yev Kassem
You Can't Be Neutral On a Moving Train
You Have One Devil But Five Angels
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