Xasthur Lyrics

Portal of Sorrow (2011)

All Reflections Drained (2009)

To Violate the Oblivious (2004)

A Darkened Winter (2001)

A Gate Through Bloodstained Mirrors (2001)

Other Songs

A Gate Through Bloodstained Mirrors
A Gate to the Bloodstained Mirrors
A Sermon in the Name of Death
A Walk Beyond Utter Blackness
A Walk Beyond Utter Blackness (Nocturnal Poisoning)
Abysmal Depths Are Flooded
Apparitional Void of Failure
Black Imperial Blood
Black Spell Of Destruction / Channeling The Power Of Souls Into A New God (Burzum Cover)
Blood From the Roots of the Forest, Part 2
Broken Glass Christening
Childish Dragon Sleeves
Conjuration of Terror
Consumed by a Dark Paranoia
Cry for the Weeper
Cursed Revelations
Doomed by Howling Winds
Down on Their Luck
Dreams Blacker Than Death
Drown Into Eternal Twilight
Dust of What Was
Dwell(ing) Beneath the Woods (of Evil)
Entrance into Nothingness
Forgotten Depths of Nowhere
Forgotten Depths Of Nowhere
Holding Yourself Hostage
Horizon of Plastic Caskets
In The Hate of Battle
Keeper of Sharpened Blades (and Ominous Fates)
Legion of Sin and Necromancy
Marked By Shadows
May Your Void Become As Deep As My Hate
Maze Of Oppression
Medieval Acid Fold
Mirror in the Face
Miscarriage of the Soul
Murdered Echoes of the Mind
Nocturnal Poisoning
None of Us
Obeyer’s Of Their Own Deaths
Parole Fearing
Proven to Be Broken
Released From This Earth
Same Old Suspects
Screaming at Forgotten Fears
sh*t Creek
Sigils Made of Flesh and Trees
Slaughtered Useless Beings In A Nihilistic Dream
Slaughtered Useless Beings in Nihilistic Dream
Soul Abduction Ceremony
Storms of Red Revenge
Telepathic With The Deceased
The Awakening to the Unknown Perception of Evil
The Darkest Light
The Prison of Mirrors
Trauma Will Always Linger
Tyrant of Nightmares
Unsolvable Puzzles
Victims of the Times
Walker of Dissonant Worlds
Xasthur Within
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