Trick Daddy Lyrics

Kingz In Denial Don't Overcome II (2019)

Thug Mentality (2018)

Finally Famous: Born a Thug, Still a Thug (2009)

The Product (2009)

Poe Little Rich Girl (2004)

Bait (Soundtrack) (2000)

Based on a True Story (1997)

My Soul, My Life

Power of Dollars

Other Songs

10-20 Life
4 Eva
50 Grand Short
99 Problems
99 Problems (feat. Tre+6)
Ain't a Thug
Ain't No Santa
Ain't No Santa (Bonus Mix)
All I Need
All I Need (feat. Infa Red)
Back in the Days
Based on a True Story, Part 2
Based on a True Story, Pt. 1
Bet That
Bet That (feat. Chamillionaire & Goldrush)
Bet That (instrumental)
Bet That (PO clean edit)
b*tch Azz n*ggaz
b*tch I'm From Dade County
Booty Doo (feat. Webbie & International Jones)
Born A Thug
Born N Raised
Bout Mine
Bout My Money
Boy (New Final clean)
Breaka Breaka
Bricks & Marijuana (feat. Kase)
Bricks and Marijuana
Can't F**k Wit Me
Can't f*ck With Me
Can't f*ck With the South
Change My Life
Chevy (feat. Ice 'Billion' Berg of the Dunk Ryders)
Chevy Smile
Could it Be
Da Baddest b*tch
Da Man
Down Wit Da South
Drop (Low, Low, Low)
Duck Down
Dukey Love
F**ckin' around
For All My Ladies
For All My Ladies (feat. Trina)
For My Thugs
For the Thugs
Free gucci mane
Frikitona (duplicate)
f*ck The Other Side
f*ckin' Around
f*ckin' Around (intro)
Gangsta (feat. Baby & Scarface)
Gangsta Livin'
Get On Up
God's Been Good
God's Been Good - Featuring Betty Wright's Children's Choir
Gotta Let You Have It
Have My Cheese
Have My Cheese (feat. J.V. & Money Mark)
Have My Cheese"(feat. J.V., Money Mark
Ho But You Can't Help It
Hoe (Skit)
Hoe But Can't Help It
Hold On
Holla At Me
I Ain't f*cking Wit U!
I Can't Say No
I Changed A Lot [Tracklist + Album Cover]
I Cry
I Don't Need U
I Luv
I Luv
I Need
I Pop
I Swear I Never Tell Another Soul
I Wanna Sang
I'll Be Your Other Man
I'll Be Your Player
I'll Be Your Player (Remix)
I'm a Thug
I'm a thug - new
I'm Fresh
I'm From the Ghetto
I'm So Hood
I'm So Hood (Remix)
I'm Sprung 2
In da Wind
Intro (Marvin Dixon)
Intro Skit: Only 1 Mayor
It Only Happens In Miami
It's Like That
Kill Your Ass
Last of a Dying Breed
Lemme Ride
Let Me Ride
Let's Go
Life Goes On
Lights Off (feat. International Jones)
Living in a World
Log Off
Log On
Luxury Tax
Melting Pot
Menage a Trois
Miami Boys
My n*ggaz Dem
My Projects (Remix)
N Word
N Word (feat. Tre+6 & Duece Poppi)
Nann (instrumental)
Nann (Radio with Intro)
Nann (radio with intro) (feat. Trina)
Nann (radio without intro) (feat. Trina)
Nann n*gga
Nann n*gga (feat. Trina)
Never Tell
New Music
Noodle (feat. Tre+6)
Off Tha Chain
One Night Stand (Remix)
Out Here Grindin
Outro (Marvin Dixon)
Paris Paris Paris
Play No Games
Play No Games
Pull Over
pus*y M.F.'s
Rags to Riches
Rags to Riches (feat. Tre+6)
Rain it Pours
Round Here
Rubber Band Man (Remix)
Ruby Red
Run n*gga
She's Fiendin' (Skit)
Shut Up
Shut Up Remix
Shut Up [feat. Duece Poppito Of 24 Karatz, Trina & Co Of Tre +6] - Explicit Soundtrack Version
Shut Yo Face (Uncle f*cka)
Sittin' on D's
SNS/Roland (skit)
So High
Something's Goin' On
Somethings Going On
Stand Up
Stay Fly (Still Fly Remix)
Still Ballin'
Straight Up
Straight Up (feat. Young Buck)
Strong Woman
Suckin' f*ckin'
Suckin' f*ckin'
Sugar (Gimme Some)
Sugar (Remix)
Survivin the Drought
Survivin' the Drought (feat. Duece Poppi)
Take it to Da House
Take It to Da House (feat. the SNS Express)
Telephone (Skit)
The Children's Song
The sh*t That I Live
These are the Daze
They Don't Live Long
This One's For You
This Tha sh*t That I Live
Thug for Life
Thug Holiday
Thug Holiday (feat. Latocha Scott)
Thug Life Again
Thug Money
Thug n*ggas Don't Live That Long
Thugs About
Thump in the Trunk
Thump in the Trunk (skit)
Tonight (feat. Jaheim & Trina)
Too Young
Tryin' to Stop Smokin'
Tuck Ya Ice
Tuck Ya Ice (feat. Baby)
U already know
U Already Know (Miami Hurricanes Remix)
U Neva Know
Walkin' Like a Hoe
Watch the Police
We Got
We Got (feat. Trina & Tre +6)
Welcome to My Hood (Remix)
What's Happnin'!
Where U From
Where U From (feat. Trina & Duece Poppi)
Where You From?
Who's Selling (skit)
You Damn Right (feat. The Dunk Ryders & Skky)
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