Lil Flip Lyrics

Chicken Room 2 (2016)


Soldiers United 4 Cash (2016)

Trillmatic (2013)

Certified (2009)

Unfinished Business (2008)

Connected (2006)

Envy Me (2005)

Countdown To Armageddon (Invasion Vol. 3) (2004)

The Day After Hell Broke Loose (2004)

Westside Story (2004)

You Know What It Is, Vol. 2: Throwin' Rocks At the Throne (2004)

My Last Underground (2003)

The Houston Hard Hitters Vol. 6 (2003)

I Came to Wreck (2001)

Shunny Pooh Presents - 3rd Coast Finest Vol. 1 (2000)

5 Star General

Beef III Soundtrack

La Clover Nostra: Clover Gang

LA Leakers Freestyles

Lil Flip and Suckafree Present

Lil Flip Vs. E.S.G

Lil' Flip & 7-1-3 present Sucka Free & Undaground Legend

Million Dollar Hooks

Now or Never

Real Recognize Real


Swisha House - Summer 2K1

The Army

The Best Of Lil Flip Vol. 1

The Leprechaun 2

The Leprechaun King

Undaground King

Undaground Legend (Bonus CD)

Underground Legend (Bonus CD)

Other Songs

2 Much $
3, 2, 1, GO!
4 My n*gga Screw
7-1-3 (Remix)
8 Rulez
99 Problemz (But Lil' Flip Ain't One) Freestyle
Addicted (Mary Jane)
Affirmative Action
Ain't No n*gga
Ain't No Party
All About Money
All I Know
All I Know (feat. Cam'Ron)
Art of War
Balla Baby Remix
Ballin' is a Habit
Block Money
Bosses Make It Rain
Bounce (Chopped & Screwed)
Bounce With Me
Burbans & Lacs
Call Me (Remix)
Can't Let it Happen
Can't Let You Go
Can't Nobody (Remix)
Can't U Tell
Can't U Tell [Clean]
Candy On Chrome
Candy On Chrome
Check (Left's Ride)
Check (Let's Ride)
Comin' Up
Cut 4 U
Da Cops
Da Freestyle King
Da Freestyle King Award
Da Gudda
Da Roof
Dammit Man (Remix)
Deep Down South
Dem Boyz
Dem Boyz Remix (Screwed)
Dirty Souf
Dirty South
Don't Cha Get Mad
Don't Stop the Music
Draped Up (Album Remix)
Drugz (Screwed)
Every Hour
Family Tradition
Find My Way
Find My Way [Clean]
Flip'n on My Block
Fly Boy
Fly Boy (Remix)
Flyboy Status
For My Thugs
Forever Bangin' Screw
Forget the Fame
Freestyle (I Got 5 On It)
Freestyle (Lose Yourself)
Freestyle Drill
From the South
From The South
From the South (radio)
From the South (Remix)
f*ck Dat n*gga
Game Over
Game Over (Flip)
Game Over (Flip) (remix)
Game Over (Flip) - Clean Album Version
Game Over (Flip) - Remix Explicit
Game Over (Remix)
Game Over (Remix)
Game Over 12"
Gangsta n*ggaz (Exclusive)
Get Crunk
Get Crunk (Remix)
Get it Crunk
Ghetto Mindstate
Ghetto Mindstate (Can't Get Away)
Give Me a Beat
Givin it Back
Gotta Be Me
Gotta Stack Ya Paper
Gotz 2 be a G
Green Rectanglez
Grippin' the Grain (Remix)
Grown Man
Gucci Jacuzzi
Haters Still Mad
Haters Still Mad (Remix)
Haters Still Mad (Screwed)
Heartbreaker (feat. Sean Thomas & Eeden)
Hey Ho
Hustle for the Same Thing
I Came to Bring the Pain
I Can Do Dat
I Can Do Dat (Remix)
I Don't Do Much
I Get Money
I Get Money [Clean]
I Got Flow
I Gotta Get Paid
I Gotta' Get Paid (feat. Ghostface & Raekwon)
I Just Wanna Tell U
I Need 2 Find My Way
I Sho Will (Remix)
I Sho Will (Remix)
I Shoulda Listened
I Shoulda Listened (Remix)
I Won't Let U Down (Texas Takeover Remix)
I'm a Balla (Flip My Chips)
I'm a Baller
I'm a Baller (Flip My Chips)
I'm a G
I'm Gone
I'm So Gone
I'm The Greatest Player
In My Backyard
In the House Tonight
It's a Fact
It's a Fact (Remix)
It's About to Go Down
Kim kardashian
Kings of the South
La Clover Nostra Intro
La La La
La La La (feat. Will Lean)
Last Dayz
Lean Back Freestyle (T.I. Diss)
Let My Hair Blow
Like a Pimp
Like a Pimp (feat. David Banner)
Like a Pimp (G Mix)
Like a Pimp (remix) (feat. Twista & Busta Rhymes)
Like A Pimp 2015
Lil Flip Freestyle | LA Leakers Freestyle #029
Lil Flip- Game Over
Lil' Flip
Lil' Flip vs. Paul Wall
Look At Me Now
Lovely Day
Maan (The G Mix)
Main b*tch Look sh*tty
Make Mama Proud
Mind on My Money
My Block
My Dogz
My Life
My Mama Used to Tell Me
My Piece Shine Brite
Naughty Girl (Remix)
Never Let the Game Go
Never Really Was (Remix)
Never Take Me Alive
North 2 Tha South
On My Block
On Point
On the Southside
Once Again It's On (Green Lantern mix)
Out There Grindin' (Remix)
Pass the swisha
Pill or Two
Pimp Juice
Platinum Stars
Platinum Stars
Platinum Starz
Playa 4 Life
Put Yo Fist Up
R.I.P. Screw
R.I.P. Screw (feat. Bizzy Bone)
Rags 2 Riches
Rainbow Colors
Real Hip Hop
Real n*ggas
Realest Rhymin'
Realest Rhyming
Realist Rhymin
Remember Me
Ridin Spinners
Ridin' Spinners (feat. Three 6 Mafia)
Right Thurr (G Mix)
Rock N' Roll (Remix)
Rollin' on 20's
Say it to My Face
Screwed Up
Screwed Up Click
sh*ttin Onum
Sing for the Moment
Single Mother
Skit 2 'Purple Drank'
So Fresh So Clean
So Gone
So Gone (feat. C Bo & Big Shasta)
Somebody Say "Oh Yea"
Sorry Lil' Mama
Sorry Lil' Mama
Sorry Lil' Mama [Clean]
Soufside Still Holdin'
Soufside Still Holdin' (Radio)
Soufside Still Holdin' (Street)
Southside 4 Life
Southside Still Holdin (Remix)
Speakin My Language
Starched And Cleaned
State Your Name, Gangsta
Stay Ballin'
Still Bangin' Screw
Still Bangin' Screw
Stunt 187
Stuntin' On Em
Suck my di*k
Sun Don't Shine
Sunny Day
Sunny Day
Sunshine (Bosko remix)
Sunshine (Feat. Lea)
Swang Glass 84's Freestyle
Take My Time
Talk To Me
Tall Tee Life
Tear It Up
Tell Me
Texas Boyz (Screwed)
Thank You
That's Why They Hatin'
The Biz
The Champ is Here
The Ghetto
The Souf
The Take Over
The Way We Ball
The Way We Ball (Remix)
The Way We Ball (Rmx)
The Way We Ball (Screwed)
They Call Me F.L.I.P.
They Don't Know What The Game Is About
Thinking of You
Throw Up Yo' Hood
Throw Yo' Hood
Thug n*ggaz
Tonight (Remix)
Too Much Paper
Track Wrecka
Turn it Up
U Neva Know
U Neva Know (feat. Butch Cassidy)
U See It
U See It (Screwed)
Underground Legend
Virginia Tech Song (Time After Time)
Walk With It
Watch Ya
Way We Ball (Remix)
We Ain't Playin
We Ain't Scared
We Ain't Scared (feat. Bizzy Bone)
We Ain't Scared (Remix)
We Blow Endo
We Go Make It Out da Hood
We Gon' Lean
We Gone Lean Tonite
We Got It
We Shinin'
Welcome to the South
What I Been Through
What it Do
What it Iz
What Y'all Wanna Do
What's Beef Freestyle
What's My Name
Where I'm From
Where You From
White Cup
Whut Up Now
Won't Let You Down (Texas Remix)
Y'All Don't Want It
Y'all Don't Want It (feat. The Diplomats)
You'z a Trick
You'z a Trick (Remix)
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