Above the Law Lyrics

True Crime: Streets of LA (The Soundtrack) (2003)

Forever Rich Thugs (1999)

The Lawhouse Experience, Volume One (1997)

Be Yo Self (1996)

Kalifornia (US Single) (1995)

We're All In The Same Gang (1990)

Ghetto Street Thugs

Other Songs

100 Spokes
2 Killaz
4 the Funk of It
4 the Funk of It (Pimpsextramental)
4 the Funk of It (Radio Edit)
Adventures of . . .
All Bark No Bite
Another Execution
Apocalypse Now
Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust
Black Superman
Bring it On
Call It What U Want
Chapter 56 - Blue Over Grey (1998)
City Of Angels
City of Angels (Remix)
Clinic 2000
Clinic n*ggaz
Commin' Up
Concreat Jungle
Deep Az The Root
Don't Do the Crime
Dose of the Mega Flex
Everything Will Be Alright
Everywhere We Go
Evil That Men Do
Flow On (Move Me No Mountain)
Freedom of Speech
Game Wreck-Oniz-Iz Game
Gangsta Madness
Givin' it Up
Harda U R Tha Doppa U Faal
Intro 'Floetry'
Just Kickin' Lyrics
Killaz in the Park
L.A. Vibe
Last Days
Live Intro (1989)
Livin' Like Hustlers
Livin' Like Hustlers (G-Mixx)
Mee Vs My Ego
Menace To Society
Murder Rap
Murder Rap
My World
Never Missin' A Beat
One Time Always Trippin'
One Time Two Meny
Pimp Clinic Anthem
Pimpology 101
Playaz & Gangstas
Playin' Your Game
Popped up & Smoked Up
Process of Elimination
Process Of Elimination (Untouchakickamurdaqtion)
Promise Me
Rain Be For Rain Bo
Return Of The Real sh*t
Rich Thugs
Satellite n*ggaz
Set Free
Shout 2 the True
Soul Searching
Sumner Days
The 'G' In Me
The Last Song
Uncle Sam's Curse
VSOP (Remix)
We're All in the Same Gang
What Cha Can Prove (Dr.Dre Untouchable Remix)
Who Ryde
Why Must I Feel Like Dat
X.O. Wit Me
You Might Get Stuck
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