Young Buck Lyrics

Box of Chocolates (2019)

10 Felonies (2018)

10 Politics (2018)

Cool Blue Jewels (2018)

10 Street Commandments (2017)

Biggs Campaign (2017)

10 Bodies (2016)

10 Pints (2016)

Mud Sweat & Tears (2016)

Before The Beast (2015)

Clarity 4: I Can't Fall Off (2015)

The County Hound 3 (2015)

Strictly 4 Traps N Trunks 82 (2014)

The Rise Of A City (2014)

The Rise of a City (2014)

The Unmixed Mixtape (2014)

Dare DastShoyi (Vol.1) [Mixtape] (2012)

G.a.S – Gangsta and Street (2012)

Live Loyal Die Rich (2012)

Strictly 4 Traps N Trunks 44: Free Young Buck Edition (2012)

Bond Money (2011)

Back On My Buck Shit Vol.2 (2010)

I AM TN - Young Buck Edition (2010)

Back For The Streets (2009)

Product Of The Grind (2009)

Worth More Than 50 Cents (2008)

G-Unit Radio Part 9 - G-Unit City (2006)

Pre-Release Therapy: The Truth Will Set You Free (2006)

Scar-Non III: Kick to the Head (2006)

Back to Business (G-Unit Radio Part 14) (2005)

Barbershop 2: Back in Business Soundtrack (2004)


G-Unit Radio Part 6 - Motion Picture Shit (2004)

Still Writing in My Diary: 2nd Entry (2004)

#Watch Out For Me

Angels and Demons (Gangsta Grillz)


Born To Be a Thug

Done Didit

Get Rich or Die Tryin' Soundtrack

The Real Testimony

Other Songs

200 MPH
26 Inches
2nd Chance
4 Kings
50 cent diss
A Lil Bit of Everything U.T.P.
A Lotta Bodiez
Ain't Nothin' Like Me
Air Yeezys
All About Money
All About Money (feat. D-Tay)
All Kinds of Drugs
All My Life
All My Life (feat. D-Tay)
All Night
Always Stay Strap'd
AM/FM Radio
Amber Alert
Angels Around Me
Another Bird
Baby Get On Your Knees
Baby U Got
Back To The Old Me
Bang Bang
Beg for Mercy
Betta Ask Somebody
b*tch What U Know About
Black Clouds
Black Gloves
Blood Hound
Blood in Blood Out
Blood in Blood Out (feat. Rizin Sun)
Bonafide Hustler
Bonofide Hustler (feat. 50 Cent & Tony Yayo)
Boy Boy
Bring My Bottles
Buck the World
Bury Me Alive
Bury The Bag
Buss It Down
Buss Yo' Head
Buy Your Dope From Me
Came Back
Can't Keep Livin
Can't Lose
Can't Lose Ft. Twanee
Can't Slow My Roll
Can't Tell Me Nothing
Cant Catch Me
Caption This
Cashville Solid
Caught in the Wind
Chase Da Cat
Check Up
Choose One
Clean Up Man
Clean Up Man [Explicit]
Come and Catch Me (feat. Lil' Scrappy & Allstar)
Come and Catch Me n*gga
Come Around (G-Unit Remix)
Comin Thru
Converse Musik
Converse Musik Remix
Count me out
Craccin And Poppin
Crime Pays
D Boy
Datz Me
Dead a pus*y n*gga
Dead Bodies (Catch A Body)
Dead or Alive (f*ck the Police)
Dead Wrong
Devil's Advocate
di*kie Fits
Did You Miss Me
Died and Came Back
Digital Scale
DJ Self Freestyle
Do It Like Me
Do it Myself
Do It Myself (feat. 50 Cent)
Doin' My Thing
Don't Come Around
Don't Make Me Hurt You!
Don't Need No Help
Don't Play
Don't Tell 'Em
Don't Tell Em (MEGAMIX)
Dope 2 Ya
Dope Boy
Double Back
Double Up
Double Up (Bandlez Remix)
Down wit em
DPG Unit
Driving Down the Freeway
Driving Down the Freeway (G-mix)
Drug Money
Duece’s & Trae’s
Ease Up
Emoji Mad
Empty Cup
Eviction Notice
Eye for Eye
Feds Takin' Pictures
Feds Takin' Pictures 2
For The Low
Freak (Classic) (feat. DJ Drama)
Free Young Buck (Freestyle)
Funeral Music
G sh*t - All Star
G'd Up
G-Unit / U.T.P.
Game Over (Remix)
Game Over 12"
Game's Pain (Remix)
Gangsta Gangsta Remix
Gangsta sh*t
Get Away
Get Buck
Get That Brick
Get That Brick (feat. Hi-C)
Get the Strap
Get Ya Money Right
Get Your Murder On
Gettin High
Ghetto superstar
Give It to Me
Go Loco
God Don't Love Me (Remix)
God's Plan
Got 5 On It
Got Me On It
Green Light (Remix)
Green Light (Remix)
Guns Go Bang
Guns Go Bang (feat. MOP)
Happy New Year
Hard Hitters
Hard Hitters (feat. D-Tay and Rizin Sun)
Hate It or Love It (G-Unit Remix)
Heavenly Father
High Than A Muthaf*cka
Hoes And A Ounce
Hold On
Hold On (Alternate Version)
Hold U Down
Hood Love
Hos Hos
Hotel Harlot
Hunger Pains
Hustle Man
I Ain't f*cking Wit U!
I Ball Hard
I Do
I Don't f*ck with You
I Don't Want No Problems
I f*cked Your Girl
I Got It
I Know You Don't Love Me
I Know You Want Me
I Know You Want Me (instrumental)
I Know You Want Me (PO clean edit)
I Like the Way She Do It
I Need a Freak
I see why
I Shoot You Shoot
I Told Y'all
I Want It All
I'll Be Back
I'll Whip Ya Head Boy
I'll Whip Ya Head Boy
I'll Whip Ya Head Boy (Remix)
I'm Grown
I'm On It Like That
I'm Ready For War
I'm So Fly (Remix)
I'm Taxin
I'm Working
If I Die II Night
Im A Soldier Ft. 50 Cent
Im Done With Yall
Im Sippin'
It's a Stick Up
It's Alright
It's Not OK
I’m a Soldier
Keep It Moving
Keep Your Eyes Open
Kill Me A n*gga
Last of a Dying Breed
Laugh Now, Cry Later
Lawd How Mercy
Lay You Down
Lean And Molly
Lemme See It
Let Me In
Lifetime Achievement
Like I Love Her
Live Fast
Live In Sumfest 2006 Jamaica
Live in Sumfest 2006 Jamaica (Weed Break) (feat. Marley Family & Bounty Killer)
Look at Me Now
Look at Me Now (feat. Mr. Porter)
Lord Have Mercy (Lawd How Mercy)
Lose My Mind
Lose My Mind / 50 Cent - Funeral Music
Low Down & Dirty
Loyal to the Game
Loyal to the Game (G-Unit Remix)
M.E.M.P.H.I.S. (Remix)
Mad Or Nah
Man Down
Married to My Gun
Me Against You
Mean Muggin
Money Don't Fall Out Tha Sky
Money Good
Money In The Bank
Money in the Bank (feat. Lil' Scrappy)
Money Talk
Move Around
Move It Like I Do
Move It Like I Do (feat. D-Tay & Hi-C)
Move On
Move That Dope
My Buddy
My Campaign
My Interview
Nah I'm Talking Bout
Neva Break
New Years Cake
New York City
n*gga n*gga
n*ggas a Change on You
No B.S.
No Direction
No Emotions
No Mo
No More Games
No Place For Me
Not Coming Home
Not This Time
Nothing For You
O It's On
Oh Boy Part 4
Oh Lord
On Me
On The Corner
One More Night
Out Here Grindin'
Out Tha Way feat. Young Buck
Out The Streets
P.I.M.P (G-Unit Remix)
Party Ain't Over
Pass That Dutch (Amended Version)
Penitentiary Pics
Penny Pinchin
Penny Pinchin' (feat. D-Tay)
Piano Man
Pocket Full of Paper
Pop a Pill (feat. D-Tay Lil' Murder & Hi-C)
Poppin' Them Thangs
Postin Up (feat. Shannon Sanders)
Prepare for War
Prices on My Head
Prices on My Head (feat. Lloyd Banks & D-Tay)
Project n*ggas
Project n*ggas (feat. Mobb Deep)
Proud Of You
Puff Puff Pass
Pullin' Me Back
Purse First (feat. Bun-B & 1st Born)
Push 'Em Back
Push 'Em Back [Clean]
Push 'Em Back [Explicit]
Push da Line
Put It On Me
Put Me In The Projects
Real Quick
Realest In The Game
Recession Back
Red Light Green Light
Return of Tha Project n*gga
Rider Pt. 2
Right Thurr
Rob The Robbers
Rolling Stone
Rolling Stone
Rompe - International Remix
Rubberband Banks
Run Off
Runnin That Check Up
Salute U
Say It to My Face
Shine On 'Em
sh*t Remix
Shorty Wanna Ride
Shorty Wanna Ride (club mix)
Shorty Wanna Ride (Texas Blend)
Shout Out to Pimp C & Project Pat!!
Since Way Back
Slammin' Doors
Sleep With An Ak
Slow Down
Slow Ya Roll
Slow Ya Roll [Clean]
Slow Ya Roll [Explicit]
Smoke Our Life Away
So Gone
So Gone
So Gone (Remix)
Started Out With Love
Stay Fly
Stay the Same
Still Thuggin
Stomp (feat. T.I. & Ludacris)
Stomp (Remix)
Stomp That Snitch (feat. Hi-C & Lil Murda)
Straight Up
Streets Sour
Stunt 101
Sukka Dukkas
Sunroof Open
Swag On Em
Switch It Up
Take Your Time
Taking Hits
Taking Hits (feat. D-Tay)
Talk 'Bout Me
Talk Bout Me
Taped Conversation
Ten Toes Down
Terminate On Sight
The Bag Way
The Blues
The City
The Get Back
The People Know
The Plug
The Projects (feat. Tony Yayo & Lil Murda)
There Will Be Blood
They Don't Bother Me
They Hating
They Pulling Me Back
They Talked About Jesus
This Is Murder Not Music (Remix)
This Is Murder, Not Music (Official Remix)
This sh*t Rough
Thou Shall
Throw It Up (Remix)
Throwed off
Thug In Da Club
Thug In The Club
Thug in the Club (feat. Bun B & Smoov Jizzel)
Thugged Out
To All My Haters
Too Rich
Total Concentration
Trained To Go
Turn Up On Dat
U Ain't Goin' Nowhere
Up There
Ups and Downs (feat. Lil Wayne)
Vibe Awards Skit
Vibe Awards Skit 2
Vibe Awards Skit 3
Walk With Me
Walk With Me (feat. Stat Quo)
Wanna Get to Know You
War Witcha Homeboy
Watch Me
Welcome to the South
Welcome to the South (feat. Lil' Flip & David Banner)
When the Rain Stops
When The Rain Stops (Single)
Where I'm From
Where She At
Where The Haters At?
Where Ya Money At
Who Do You Love
Wit Dat Choppa
Work (G-Mix)
Work Magic
Ya Betta Know It
Yasss b*tch Remix
You Already Know
You Can Get it Too
You're Not Ready
Your Hood
{Nada Here}
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