Lord Finesse Lyrics

So Help Me God (2019)

Kintsugi: The Come Up (2018)

Άρχοντας των Λυρικών Τεχνών (MOLA) (2018)

Underground King (2017)

The Remix Project (2015)

The Amazing Jotandjota Parker (2011)

Diggin' in the Crates: Rare Studio Masters (1993-1997) (2007)

Time’s Runnin’ Out (2007)

SBX! Original Soundtrack EP (2005)

True Story (2004)

By Design (2001)

Showtime / Down For the Underground (2001)

The Dirty Version (1999)

Alone (1997)

Planets (1997)

Class Act: Music From the Motion Picture (1992)

Trespass: Music From the Motion Picture (1992)

Funky Technician (1990)

All Love

Bars to Volume 4

Basic Complexity

Brooklyn Bullshit

Check The Method / Do Your Thing (12")

Fresh Start

Generation X

Jigga My Nigga CD-single


OTT Presents:Pookie Alzado

Rare & Unreleased Vol. 2

The SP1200 Project: A Re-Awakening

Tracks Of The Vinyl Dogs

Welcome to the World of Joni Rewind

Other Songs

'92 Rock N. Wills Audition
'92 Rock N. Wills Audition (Hardpack Tape Freestyle Live on 125th)
'98 Freestyle
2016 米奇老味神奇六 ft. 米奇老味 (2016 Mickey LowMays Mysterious Six ft. Mickey LowMay)
5 Fingers of Death
6,000 Mg.
Abstrakt Neo Synopsis
Actual Facts
Add On
All Black
All Luv
All The Flow
Alone (Lord Finesse Remix)
Another Level
Baby, You Nasty (New Version)
Back to Back Rhyming
Bad Mutha
Brainstorm / P.S.K. (No Gimmicks Remix)
Brainstorm / P.S.K. (Remix)
Bring 'Em Back
Bring That Beat Back
Cali Tides 2 Siberian Pipelines
Can't f*ck With Them
Caught up
Channel 10
Check Mate
Check me out
Check the Method
Check The Method (Remix)
Cinematic Soul
Collaboration of Mics
Collaboration of Mics
Come On (1st Take)
Cool Ensemble
Crime Square
Da Freestyle King
Da Graveyard
Da Sermon (Intro)
Day One
Diggin' in the Crates
Dignified Soldiers
Do Your Thing
Doin' What I Want
Don't Know Nobody
Down For the Underground
Down For the Underground (Instrumental)
Electric Impression
Elevator Music
Ese Soy Yo
Everyday Thoughts
Fat For The 90's
Fed Up With the Bullsh*t
Flip Da Style
Food For Thought
Forgive and Forget
Freestyle inédit #PlanèteRap
From Me to U
f*ck 'Em
f*ck 'em (album version)
f*ck 'em (instrumental)
Funky Ho'$
Funky on the Fast Tip
Funky rhythm
Funky Technician
Ga Head
Ga Head
Ga Head (Alternate Mix)
Galactic Soul (Makes the World Go Round)
Gameplan (LP version)
Get Down
Get Toasted
Goodbye, San Diego
Gothic Thoughts
Hand It Over
Hear the Vibes
Here I Come
Hey Look at Shorty
Hey Luv
Hip 2 Da Game
Hip 2 da Game (remix instrumental)
Hip 2 The Game (Remix)
Hip Hop
I Keep the Crowd Listening
I Like My Girls With a Boom
I Wanna
In$IRt (intro)
Internationally Known
Isn't He Something
Isn't He Something (Extra P Session mix)
It's Up to You
Just a Little Something
Keep it Flowing
Kicking Flavor With My Man
Know the Legend
Kool Aid and Frozen Pizza
Kool-Aid and Frozen Pizza [Finesse Cover]
Kool-Aid and Frozen Pizza [Finesse Cover]
Kumiko Maekawa
Lesson to Be Taught
Life Infinity
Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous Tracklist + Album Art
Lifestylez Ov Da Poor And Dangerous
Livin' Fat
Lord Finesse's Theme Song Intro
Love vs Hate
Love vs. Hate
Master Ya High
Midas Era
Moog Montage
MVP (97' Live at the Subterranea in London)
MVP (Summer Smooth Mix)
New York n*ggaz
No Gimmick$
No Gimmicks
No Gimmicks
O' Lord
Off & On (Freestylin' Mix)
On Da M.I.C.
On Da M.I.C.
On My Way
Party & Bullsh*t
Party Over Here
Party Over Here (album version)
Party Over Here (clean version)
Pelon Rising
Podstawowe instrukcje
Praise the Lord
Produkte dieser Welt
Pull Ya Card
Put it in Your System
Put It On 2013 (Big L Tribute)
Real Talk
Rematch In The Patterson Projects
Renascença do Contrário
Return of the Funky Man
Return of the Funky Man (album version)
Return of the Funky Man (clean remix)
Return of the Funky Man (Remix)
Righteous Kill
Rock And Roll (Could Never Hip Hop Like This) Part 2
Rules We Live By
S.K.I.T.S. (Shorties Kaught In The System)
Save That sh*t
Save That sh*t (clean version)
Scientists of Sound
Set it Off Troop
Shorties Kaught in the System
Show 'Em How We Do Things
Show And Prove (Big L 1998 Freestyle instrumental)
Sky's the Limit
Skyline Soul
Slave to My Soundwave
Something from nothing: the art of rap freestyle
Soul Plan
Speak Ya Peace
Stand Strong
Stop Sweating the Next Man
Straight Outta Now Rule
Straight Outta Now Rule
Street Struck
Street Theme
Stretch and Bobbito Freestyle '96
Strictly for the Ladies
Style is Ill
Suicidal Thoughts
Suicidal Thoughts
Suicidal Thoughts
Suicidal Thoughts (Deutsche Übersetzung)
Suicidal thoughts (Feat Joey Bada$$)
Suicidal Thoughts (Remix)*
Suicidal Thoughts Freestyle
Suicidal Thoughts*
Taking My Turn
Texas hard knocks
That's How Smooth I Am
The Beat Change
The Climate
The Club
The Dilemma
The Final Warning
The Heist
The Heist Revisited
The Message
The Rhythm
They Pyro
Tidal Wave*
Time Machine
Time Ta Bounce
Times Is Hard on the Boulevard
Times Iz Hard
Track the Movement
Troopers Reprezent
True 2 the Game
True and Livin'
Twilight Soul
U For Me
Underground Life
Underworld Operations
Underworld Operations (instrumental)
Unexpected Flava
Urban Exploitation
Vibe Out
Vinyl Dog Vibe
Way of Life (Original)
We Don't Care
What's that ALL about
When Will You See
Whole World Watchin'
Ya Better Recognize
Yes You May
Yes You May (feat. A.G. & Percy P)
Yes You May (feat. Andre the Giant & Percy P)
Yes You May (Funk Flow Mix)
Yes You May (instrumental)
Yes You May (Rmx)
You Can't Front (sh*t is Real)
You Know What I'm About
You Know What I'm About
You Know What I'm About (Orginal Version) (feat. Big L)
You Know What I'm About (original Version)
Young Sinatra
`94 - 2012
Ενός Freestyle Σιγή
Μαύρα (Maura)
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