The Beatnuts Lyrics

Aliens: The Archaic Tape (2016)

Se Habla EspaÑol (2003)

Classic Nuts Vol. 1 (2002)

DJ Skribble's Traffic Jams 2000 (1999)


The Spot: The Beatnuts Remix EP (1998)

Lost In Brooklyn (1994)

The Fabulous Chi-Ali (1992)

Egotistical Maniac

The City Never Sleeps

The Outcast Mixtape

Unreleased Material EP

Other Songs

2-3 Break
40 oz
A Great Day in Hip-Hop
Are You Ready
Back 2 Back
Be Proud/Interlude
Beatnuts Forever
Bless The M.i.c.
Bless The M.I.C.
Breaker 1/9 (Beatnuts Remix)
Buddah In The Air - Feat. Carl Thomas And Gob Boblin Of The No Goodus
Buying Out The Bar
Chi-Ali vs. Vanilla Shake
Cocotaso - Feat. Tony Touch
Crime Pays
DeYnk Dank
Do Yo Thang
Do You Believe
Don't Fail Me Now
Drunk Skit
Duck Season
Duck Season
Engineer Talking sh*t
Estilo Taraotarantino
Find That
Find Us (In The Back Of The Club)
Finger Smoke
Foxxy Brown
Fresh Out the Box
Fried Chicken
Get Funky
Get Funky II
Give Me the Ass
Grumpy Crocodile
Hammer Time
Heidi Hoe
Here's A Drink
Hit Me With That
Hood Thang
Horny Horns
Horny Horns
However Whenever (You Want It)
I Can't Relate Freestyle
I Love It
If It Ain't Gangsta
It's Da Nuts
It's Nothing
It'z Natural
Let Off a Couple
Let Off A Couple II
Let Off A Couple II
Let's Git Doe
Lick the pus*y
Look Around
Lost In Brooklyn
Marijuana Thon
Monster For Music
My Music
n*ggas Know
No Equal
No Escapin' This
No Escapin' This (Alternate Vocal Version)
No One's Ready (No Escapin' This)
Off the Books
Off The Books
Oh My God
On the 1+2
Out For the Cash
Peace Akki
Phone Call
Prendelo (Light It Up)
Props Over Here
Psycho Dwarf
Psycho Dwarf II
Puffin' on a Cloud
Quality & the Bushmen Off the Top
Qui paiera les dégâts (Remix)
Qui paiera les dégâts ?
R.U. Ready II
Rated R - Feat. Nogoodus
Reign of the Tec
Rik's Joint
Sandwiches (Remix)
Se Acabo
Se Acabo (Remix)
Simple Murder
Slam Pit
Spelling Beatnuts with Lil' Donny
Stick 'Em Up
Stone Crazy
Story 2000
Straight Jacket
Supa Supreme
Take It Or Squeeze It (Credits)
Tear sh*t Up
The Hard Way
The Legends
The Nod Factor
The sh*t is Real
The Trouble Is...
Think Not
Thinkin 'bout Cash
Thinkin' 'Bout Cash
Third Of The Trio
Thirstin Howl III Freestyle (Frank151: That Grown Man)
Top Notch
Turn it Out
U Crazy
U Don' Want It (Feat. Triple Seis)
U Don't Want It
U Suckers Ain't
Uptown sh*t
Walk Like a Duck
Watch Out Now
We Don't Give A Funk
We Got The Funk
Who You're F**kin' Wit
Who's Comin' Wit da sh*t Na
Who's Comin' Wit Tha sh*t Now
Who's the Trifest?
Wild Child
Work That Pole
World Famous
World Famous - w/Into
World's Famous
World's Famous Intro
Ya Don't Stop
Yeah You Get Props
Yo Yo Yo
You're A Clown
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