Big K.R.I.T. Lyrics

Hood Hero (2018)

Thank God For Other People (2018)


Broken Land (2017)

Dolan Drive Dreams (2016)

Everything Clean But Da Ashtray (2016)

MSSR (2016)

Quintessence (2016)


Traffic Jamz (2015)

Loud Dreams Vol. 1 (2014)

Real Nigga Shit (2014)

Some Of My Best Rappers are Friends (2014)

F.A.I.T.H. (Forever Atlanta In The Heart) (2013)

LONG.LIVE.A$AP (Azerbaijani Translation) (2013)

Take It Or Leave It (2013)

The Explanation (2013)

The Stage EP (2013)

Underground Airplay (2013)

4eva N a Day (Road Less Traveled Edition) (2012)

Bruce Lean Chronicles (2012)

Memoirs of a Curb Server (2012)

SPKSMEN Mixtape Vol. 1 (2012)

5:01 Overtime (2011)

I'm Better Than You (2010)

Dirty Thirty (2002)


Big Pimpin'

Bruce Lean Chronicles 2

Candy Paint N Texas Plates 2

George Kush Da Button: The Deluxe Edition

Perfection: The Beginning Volume 1

Pisces EP

Preseason 2



Spring Resurrection

Through Hell & High Water

Vision, Imagination, and Purpose Mixtape

When You Have No Friends

Other Songs

#12FOR12 [Album Art + Tracklist]
10 Bricks
100 Thou Off Beats
1st Class
2 Mph
2000 & Beyond
3rd Coast
4 in the morning
4 Tha 1's
4eva And A Day
4eva N a Day (Road Less Traveled Edition) Album Art
4eva N a day [Album Art + Tracklist]
4EvaNaDay (Theme)
5 On The Kush
5:04 AM
5th Wheel
8:04 AM
9 - Yes, Today
A Demon Like Moi
A good day in The Struggleverse.
A Million
A$AP Rocky - 1 Train (Traduction Française)
A$AP Rocky - 1Train (Azerbaijani Translation)
Adidas 1's (Chopped & Screwed)
Adidas 1's In Da Club
Against Us (Remix)
All My Life [Tracklist + Cover Art]
All My Life, Pt. 1
All My Life, Pt. 2
American Rapstar
Angels (Freestyle)
Another Naive Individual Glorifying Greed & Ecouraging Racism
Another Naive Individual Glorifying Greed & Encouraging Racism
As Small As A Giant
Aux Cord
Baby Don't Do It
Banana Clip Theory
BasedWorld Motivation
Believe Me (Freestyle)
Best Side Of Me
BET Hip Hop Awards 2011 Cypher #1
Big Bank
Big Boi Thang
Big Brother
Big Brother (Freestyle)
Big K.R.I.T.
Big K.R.I.T. Freestyle | LA Leakers Freestyle #030
Big K.R.I.T. Speaks I
Big K.R.I.T. Speaks II
Big K.R.I.T. Talks Cadillactica, Paying Homage To Legends and How K.R.I.T. Wuz Here Was Almost His Farewell Project
Big KRIT: 2016 BET Awards Performance
Big Pimpin'
Bigger Picture
Bigger Pimpin
Bigger Pimpin (Chopped & Screwed)
Black Man Pt. 1 (U.n.i.t.y.)
Black Soul
Blak and Blue (Remix)
Blood Money
Blood On the Dash
Boast or Brag
Boobie Miles
Booth N da Sky
Born On The Block
Bottom Ain't The Place 4 A G
Bring It Back
Cadillac Dreams
Cadillactica [Album Art + Tracklist]
Cadillactica [Credits]
Can Ya Dig That
Can't Be All
Can't Be Life
Can't Be Still
Can't Change
Captain K.R.I.T. Live From The Underground En Route To Cadillactica
Chandelier Ceiling
Change Lanes
Check The Sign
Children of the World
Circulate (Freestyle)
Classic Interlude
Classic sh*t
Come and See Me
Coming Down
Coming From
Conscious Effort Freestyle
Convertible Flow
Cool 2 Be Southern
Country Rap Tunes
Country Sh*t
Country Sh*t (Remix) - Edited Version
Country Sh*t (Remix) - Explicit Version
Country sh*t
Country sh*t (Remix)
Country sh*t (Remix) Single Art
Crazy Glue
Creep Up
Cruise Control
Cut A Rug
Dark Shades
DJ DiBiase Intro
DJ Infamous Speaks
Do You Love Me
Doin' Numbers (Freestyle)
Don't Let Me Down
Don't Lose Count
Don't Lose Count (Original)
Down & Out
Drank & Smoke
Drinkers Club
DUI Driving
Dusk 2 Dusk
Early Morning Rap Crap
Egyptian Cotton
Etc Etc
Every Other Freckle (Remix)
Everybody Waiting
Everywhere I Go
Exhibit K (Freestyle)
Fallin' Down - Remix by Black Knight
Feel Like Im Winning
Flavour in the Air
Foolish (Remix)
For A Livin
Forbidden Knowledge
Freaky Hoe
Free Agent
Free My Soul
f*ck Action
Fulla sh*t
Get Away
Get By
Get Money
Get Right
Get Up 2 Come Down
Get Up Off Me
Get Ya Issue Straight
Gettin' Mine
Glass House
Glass House
Go Crazy
Go Girl
Go Off
God Bless America
Going Off
Going Places
Gone Away
Good 2getha
Good Enough
Good Foot
Got Me Thru
Gotta Get Paid
Grammy Night
Grata Lata
Gravity [Credits]
Grind To My Grave
Grippin On The Wood
Guillotine Flow
Guilty As Charged
Happy Birthday Hip Hop
Headphones feat. J. Kgosi (Big K.R.I.T's Sky Club)
Heavy is the Crown
Here We Go
Hey Love
Hey You
Higher Calling
Highly Anticipated
Highs and Lows
History Remembers Kings
Hold Up
Hold Up
Hold You Down (Remix)
Home Again
Hometown Hero
Hometown Hero (Remix)
Hood Fame
Hood Fame Intro
Hood Fame Outro
Hood Fame [Album Art + Tracklist]
How Bout That Money
How U Luv That
How You Feel
Hustlers Ambition
I Ain't Gone Play Wit 'Em (Freestyle)
I Ain't Playin' No Moe
I Ain't sh*t
I Already Know
I Am Somebody
I Apologize
I Believe
I Got This
I Got This Single Art
I Gotta Stay
I Heard It All
I Just Touched Down
I'm Flexin'
I'm On 2.0
I'm on Fire
I'm On It
I'm Saying
Ice Cream Paint Job (Freestyle)
If I Fall
If I Should Die
In Dat Cup
In Tha Morning
In The Darkness
In The Rain
In the Wind
Interview with HipHopDX (Response to Kendrick Lamar's "Control" Verse)
It Was All a Dream
It's A Movie
It's Better This Way
It's Better This Way Cover Art + Tracklist
It's Better This Way Intro
It's Better This Way [Album Art + Tracklist]
It's Better This Way [Credits]
Jackin' 4 Beats
Jet Life
Jet Pack Blues (Remix)
Jump In
Jump In (Remix)
Just Chill
Just Last Week
Just Last Week (Remix)
Just Last Week (Snippet)
Just Last Week Single Art
Just Touched Down
Justin Scott
K.R.I.T. 4eva (Chapter One)
K.R.I.T. Wuz Here [Album Art + Tracklist]
Keep It Boomin
Keep It Movin'
Keep the devil Off
Keith Sweat
King of the South
King Pt. 4
King Remembered In Time [Album Art + Tracklist]
King Speaks Again
King Without A Crown
King Without A Crown [Prod. By Big K.R.I.T.]
King's Blues
King, Pt. 2
King, Pt. 3
Kingz & Bosses
Knock U Out
Kreation (Intro)
KRIT Speaks (Unkasa Rip)
Lac Lac
Land of the Free
Last King 2 God's Machine Intro
Last King 2 God's Machine [Album Art + Tracklist]
Let It Show
LFU300MA (Intro)
Lfu300ma - intro - album version
License To Kill
Life Is a Gamble
Lights Down (Remix)
Lights Out
Like Rhonda
Lil Homie (Ode To Wooly)
Lions & Lambs
Live from the Underground
Live from the Underground (Reprise)
Live From The Underground (Reprise) - Album Version (Edited)
Live From The Underground [Album Art + Tracklist]
Live from the Underground [Credits]
Lonely Thoughts (Remix)
Look At Us
Lost Generation
Love Don't Live No Mo
Made Alot
Made Man
Make My
Man on Fire
Mary Jane
Mayday - Remix by Big Juice
Me and My Old School
Me And My Old School (Remix)
Meet Da Connect
Might Not Be Ok
Mind Control
Mind f*ck
Miss Georgia Fornia
Mixed Messages
Mo Better Cool
Moment Of Realization
Money on the Floor
Money on the Floor Single Art
Money Outchea
Moon & Stars
Moon & Stars (Remix)
Mt. Olympus
Mt. Olympus (Reprise)
Mt. Olympus Single Art
Multi Til The Sun Die
Murder (Act II)
My Conception - Freestyle over Nas - The Message, on Sway in the morning
My Interpretation
My Last Time
My Life Ain't Rosey
My Sub
My Sub (Pt. 2: The Jackin')
My Sub (Pt. 2: The Jackin') - Album Version (Edited)
My Sub, Pt. 3 (Big Bang)
My Trunk
My Uzi
NBA 2k14 soundtrack
Neva Go Back
Never Go Back
Never Going Back
New Agenda
No Static
No Tomorrow
No Wheaties
No Wheaties (feat. Curren$y & Big K.R.I.T.)
Now and Then
Now Or Neva
On Call
On My Grind
On The Corner
One Day (2006)
Only One
Outta Season
Ova Da Sky
Package Store
Parked Outside
Party Tonight
Pay Attention
Peace Piece
Piece On Chain
Play the Game
Play The Game
Play the Game Single Art
Playa Why Ya Hatin
Player's Ball (Freestyle)
Players Ballad
Pleasure Toy
Poetry in Motion
Praying Man
Private Dancer
Pull The Drop Out
Pull Up
Pure White
Pushin' (Remix)
Putcha Sign In Da Air
R4 Intro
R4 The Prequel [Album Art + Tracklist]
R4 Theme Song
Rapper With A Dream
Ready 2 Die
Ready for the Next
Real Love
Red Eye
Reign On
Remember the Titans (DJ Booth Freestyle)
Return of 4Eva
Return of 4eva [Album Art + Tracklist]
Rich Dad, Poor Dad
Ride Clean
Ride Wit Me
Riding Dirty
Riding Dirty (Remix)
Riding Low
Rise & Shine
Rob Me A n*gga
Rock & Role
Roller Skatin'
Rotating Valets (DJ Breakem Off Mix)
Royalty Remix
Saturdays = Celebration
See Me On Top
See Me On Top (Original)
See Me on Top II [Album Art + Tracklist]
See Me on Top III [Album Art + Tracklist]
See Me On Top Intro
See Me On Top IV [Album Art + Tracklist]
See Me On Top Outro
See Me On Top [Album Art + Tracklist]
Send Me An Angel
Serve This Royalty
Serve This Royalty [Prod. By Big K.R.I.T.]
Shake 'Em Off
Shake It
Shake Junt
Shawty Can We Kick It
Shawty I'm On
She Kills Me
She the Type
She's My Biggest Fan
Shine On
Shine On Single Art
Shook Up
Sky Club
Sky Line
Sky Mad at Me
Skyclub Remix
Slow It Down
Smoke And Mirrors
So Bad
So Be It
So Trill
Somethin Right
Sookie Now
Soul Food
Space Out
Spend It
Spillin' Drank (Remix)
Stand Behind Mine
Standby (Interlude)
Stay This Way
Sticks & Stones
Stop Drop Roll
Stunt Man
Subenstein (My Sub IV)
Sunset Park
Supernatural Love
Supreme (Remix)
Swagger back
Swagger Back (See Me On Top II)
Swishers And Liquor
Switchin' Lanes
Take Care Of Mama
Take It Easy
Take it Off
Talkin Bout Nothin
Talkin Bout Nothing
Talkin Bout Nothing [Prod. By Big K.R.I.T.]
Team Spirit
Team Spirit (Reprise)
Temptation (remix)
Temptation (Remix)
Thank You Kindly
That's My Kid
The Alarm
The Big Payback
The Buzz [Bonus Track]
The Buzz [Remix]
The City (Cold World)
The Colosseum
The King
The King Speaks
The Last King [Album Art + Tracklist]
The Life of Kings
The Moment
The Resume
The Secret
The South
The South (See Me On Top II)
The Truth
The Truth Freestyle
The Vent
They Gone Hate
They Gone Hate (Original)
They Got Us
They Got Us All
They Ready
Third Eye
This My World
ThisIzKrizzle (Freestyle)
Time Machine
Time Machine
Time Machine Freemix
Titan Muzik Intro
Top Ten
Trill Over Everything
Tunnel Vision
Twerk A Lil Something
Twitter Reactions to Kendrick Lamar's "Control" Verse
U Don't Know Me
Underground Airplay
Until The Day I Die...
Urban Symphony (prod. Big K.R.I.T.)
V. My Heart Weighs A Ton
Vanilla Sky
Visionz of Home Pt. 1
Wake Up
Wake Up! (Intro)
Want Me Back (Freestyle)
War Stories
Wastin Time
Watch Me Work
We Buy Gold
We Outta Here (Outro)
Week of K.R.I.T. [Album Art + Tracklist]
What U Mean
What You Know About It?
What You Smokin On
What's Next
When I Get Money
When My Train Pulls In (Big KRIT Remix)
Where It's at
Why Not (Snippet)
Wolf on Wallstreet
Wonderwall (Drive to This)
Words To Me
XXL Freshmen 2011 Cypher - Part 3
Ya Dealin' Wit A Vet
Yeah Dat's Me (Remix)
Yeah Dats Me
Yeah Dats Me Single Art
Yo Chic My Chic
Yoko (Remix)
[I/XII] That Part (Freestyle)
[II/XII] Country n*ggas Anonymous (Freestyle)
[III/XII] Lock Jaw (Freestyle)
[IV/XII] Hype (Freestyle)
[IX/XII] Wicked Wicked (Freestyle)
[V/XII] 4PM @ The Kappa (Freestyle)
[VI/XII] Rambo (Freestyle)
[VII/XII] Flying Lotus (Freestyle)
[VIII/XII] No Chance (Freestyle)
[X/XII] SKRT SKRT (Freestyle)
[XI/XII] Other Side Of The Game
[XII/XII] Real Easy (Freestyle)
“Purpose” Big KRIT