Sage Francis Lyrics

Five Hearts (Single) (2018)

War on Christmas (Single) (2017)

House of Bees, Volume 2 (2012)

The Ugly Truth (2008)

Road Tested (2006)

The Love Potion Collection 3 (2006)

I Fixed The Internet

Let Em Come (SFR Redux)

Moments in Movement

Other Songs

16 Years
99 Rappers (live)
Agony in her Body
All Word No Play
Andy Kaufman
Apathy And Sage On Tone Capone's Show (90.3 WRIU)
Art of Darkness
Barely Alive
Black Out on White Night
Black Sweatshirt
Bounce (live)
Breaking 2Bad
Bridle Extended (SOS 05)
Broccoli Break
Broken Wings
Broken Wings (Gruvis Malt 03)
Buckets of Silence
Cafe Girl
Call Me Francois
Can I Kick It?
Cheat Code
Cigarette Breaks
Civil Obedience
Clickety Clack
Climb Trees
Climb Trees (instrumental)
Climb Trees (radio edit)
Come Come Now
Conspiracy To Riot
Copper Gone Tour Press Conference (Spoof)
Cup of Tea
Cup of Tea - [Social Revolution - Boston Tea Party USH]
D.J. Higgins, Sage Francis, Rude
Damage 96 (Live on 09.3 WRIU)
Dance Monkey
Day Grows Old
Days Grow Old
Dead Man's Float
Diamonds and Pearls
Dirty Mac
Don't Think
Doomage (Damage Remix)
Drop Bass
Dumb Ass Kids
Emperor's New Clothing
Escape Artist
Eviction Notice
Eye Of The Tiger
Film the Police
Five Hearts
Five Hearts (Single)
Flashback (1996)
Flashback 96
Follow Me Snippet Verse
Freestyle Confession
Fresh to Death (Feat: Dope KNife)
Garden Gnomes
Gimme Dat
Going Back To Rehab
Good Fashion
Got Up This Morning
Ground Control
Gun Gods
Gunz Yo
Hands Down Gandhi
Hang Time (Boogie Bang Boogie)
Haunted House Party
Hell of a Year
Her Schlag
Hey Bobby
Hey Bobby (a cappella explicit)
Hey Bobby (instrumental)
Hey Bobby (Reanimator remix clean)
Hey Bobby (Reanimator remix explicit)
Hey Bobby (remix)
High Step
High Step Demo
Hoofprints in the Sand
House of Bees
House of Bees (2009) (Bonus Track)
I Apologize
I Keep Calling
I Trusted You
I Was Zero
I'm Not A Hater
Iceland Radio Intro - Vital Signs
ID Thieves
Inherited Scars
Inherited Scars (Gruvis Malt 03)
Inner Conflict
Jah Didn't Kill Johnny
Jaw of Steel
Jesus In A Bowl Of Germs
Keep Moving
KFC (vocals by n8ball)
Kiddie Litter
Kiddie Litter
Kill the Crow
Killing Time
Killing Time (live on 90.3 WRIU)
Killing Time (live)
Let Em Come
Let Em Come Redux
Let Them Eat War
Lie Detector Test
Life is What Distracts You From Death
Lifter Puller
Little Houdini
London Bridge
Love The Lie
Mainstream 307
Majority Rule
Majority Rule (Gruvis Malt 03)
Make 'Em Purr
Makeshift Patriot
Makeshift Patriot (Gruvis Malt 03)
Makeshift Patriot (remix)
Mermaids are Seasl*ts
Message Sent
Message Sent (instrumental)
Midgets and Giants.
Mourning Aftermath
Mullet (live spoken word)
Mullet (live)
My Name is Strange
Narcissist (Live On 90.3 WRIU)
Narcissist (Non-Prophets 2002)
Next Testament (Gimme Fund 04)
Not Ur Uber
Not What I Am
Oliver Twisted
Once Upon A Blood Moon
Origin To Descent
Orphanage Freestyle Part 1 (Atmosphere Freestyle)
Orphanage Freestyle Part 2
Orphanage Freestyle Part II
Over Under
Pen to the Gun Fight
Personal Journalist
Pitchers of silence
Pressure Cooker
Product Placement
Question Their Motives
Rapz Of Death
Respect the Broccoli c*ck
Rewrite (50 Ways)
Rewrite (remix)
RN21: "The News"
Runaways (Gruvis Malt 03)
S.A.G.E. bast*rd
Say Uncle
Sea Lion
Sea Lion (instrumental)
Shotgun Golf
Slow D(eat)h Demo
Slow Down Gandhi
Slow Down Gandhi (a cappella clean)
Slow Down Gandhi (a cappella explicit)
Slow Down Gandhi (album version)
Slow Down Gandhi (clean version)
Slow Down Gandhi (instrumental)
Slow Down Gandhi (remix 1)
Slow Down Ghandi
Slow Man
Smoke and Mirrors
Souvenier (Non-Prophets)
Space Ghettos
Specialist (Gruvis Malt 03)
STD Intro
Strange Fame
Strange Famous
Strange Famous Radio Rhyme
Strange Famous Spoken Word
Stuck (f. Slug)
Sun vs Moon
Survived Another Winter
Swedish Fish
Thank You
The Baby Stays
The Best of Times
The Buzz Kill
The Buzz Kill (Reanimator remix)
The Masters Are Back (Non-Prophets)
The NYC Freestyle
The Pastor Sleeps Fine
The Place She Feared Most
The Set Up
The Strange Famous Mullet Remover
The Time of My Life
The Weak Link
The Write
There Is a Better Way
This Is Not A DIs Freestyle
Three Sheets to the Wind
Threewrite (Non-Prophets)
Time Bomb
Tree of Knowledge
Tree of Knowledge (spoken word)
Two Different Worlds
Ubuntu (Water Into Wine)
Underbite Ben Finds God
Underground For Dummies
Vital Signs
Viva la Vinyl
Voice Mail Bomb Threat
Vonnegut Busy
War On Christmas
War on Christmas (2017) (Bonus Track)
Water Line
Who's Crying
Whore Monger
Whore Monger Freestyle
Whore Monger Freestyle (live)
Whore Monger Sing-Along
Wild West
Worried About the World
Worried About The World (correct)
Worry Not
You Can't Win
You Can't Win (2013) (Bonus Track)
Zero (Demo)
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