MC Jin Lyrics

Nobody's Listening (2017)

Traffic (West Coast Event) (2015)

Stereotypes (2014)

Fast & Furious 6 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (2013)

Blood, Sweat, Tears and Prayer Mixtape (2012)

Brand New Me (2012)

100 Grand Jin


Chapter 1: The Rise

Gold Chapter

Mekakucity Records

Sincerely Yours 2.0

Other Songs

"零" Zero
(English Cover) Jin - Awake (BTS)
100 Thousand Sold Pt. 2
100 to 0
36-24-36 (Applebottom Jeans)
8 Mile - Freestyle
A Little Hungry
A Million And One Questions (Freestyle)
Aim 4 the Head
Asian Girls
Beautiful Story
Brand New Me
Brand New Me
Brush Ya Molars
BTS - IDOL (Romanized)
Can You Turn Off Your Phone
Caroline Remix
Carpe Diem
Carry On
Cassidy vs. Jin (Freestyle)
Charlie Sheen
Children Record
Chillin' In HK
Chinese Beats (Skit)
Chinese Food
Chinese New Year
Choice FM Freestyle
Club Song
Cold Outside
Cold Outside (feat. Lyfe)
Comin' Up
Crazy Love
Danja Zone vs. Danny Myers
Dead and seek
Dead Man Walking
Dear Non-Believer (Outro)
Dear Summer freestyle
Diary Of Jin
Down So Long
Eastern Philosophers vs Western Philosophers
Eat, Sleep, and Die
Ene no dennou kikou
Fan Mail
Fatherly Advice
Food Fight
Foolish Little Girls
For the City
Forgive Me
Gain The World
Get Your Handz Off
God Future (Intro)
Happy New Year
Headphone Actor
Heaven's Ceiling
Here Now
Hey Jin
HK Superstar
I Break Stereotypes
I Don't Know
I Download
I Got a Love
I Gotta Love
I Loved You
I Promise
I Quit
I Tried
I Write Sins Not Mic Drops - Teaser One
Intro/The Signing (Skit)
Iron Solomon vs Jin
It Takes a Village
It's All Over
Jin From The Block
Jin Vs. Hassan
Jin Vs. Logan
Jin Vs. Luck Luciano
Jin Vs. Sean Nicholas
Jin Vs. Skitzo
Jin Vs. Sterling
Jinzou Enemy
Joyful Sufferings
Kagerou Days
Karaoke Night
Kisaragi attention
Konoha no sekai jijou
Kuusou forest
Ladies and Gentlemen
Last Song
Learn Chinese
Like a Rock
Long Winding Road
Love Story
Mr. Popular
My First Time
Nick Of Time
No More Fans
Off My Mind
Open Arms
Open Letter To Obama
Over The Edge
Peel Off
Perfect Strangers
Perfect Strangers (feat. Brian Ellis)
Rain, Rain, Go Away
Rhyme Book
Ridiculous Faith
Running Thru My Head
S&N Life
Same Cry
Say Something
Serius Jones vs Jin
Shinigami record
Shoot For The Moon
Sincerely Yours
So Afraid
So Precious
Still With You
Thank You
The Chamber
The Come Thru
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Time Machine
Top 5 (Dead or Alive)
Touch The Sky
Tsunami Response
Two Pairs
Until I Pass Out (Remix)
Want It All
Welcome to the Club
Whatever It Takes
When The Lights Come On
Who Shot Ya Freestyle
봄날 (Spring DayY)
하나 보단 둘 (Better Together)
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