Lords of the Underground Lyrics

International Tape (2017)

House of Lords (2007)

Resurrection (1999)

Other Songs

(NFA) No Frontin Allowed
Check It (Remix)
Chief Rocka
Earth Wind Fire
East Coast Sound
English mami
Flow On (New Symphony)
Flow On (Pete Rock Remix)
From Da Bricks
Funky Child
Grave Digga
Here Come the Lords
Keep it Underground
Keepers of the Funk
L.O.T.U.G. (Lords Of The Underground)
Lord Jazz Hit Me One Time (Make it Funky)
Lords Prayer
Madd Skillz
MIC Check #009 - Onyx
Neva Faded
No Pain
One Day
Ready Or Not
Sleep For Dinner (Remix)
Steam From da Knot
Take Dat
Tic Toc
What I’m After
What I’m After (remix)
What’s Goin’ On (Bonus Track)
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