Melanie Fiona Lyrics

Stereotypes (2015)

We Are The World (2010)

Other Songs

4AM (Remix)
Ay Yo
Bang Bang
Bang Bang [Attaca Pesante Remix]
Beautiful Bliss
Break Down These Walls
Broken Armour
Can't Do This No More
Can't Say I Never Loved You
Change The Record
Dem Haters
Echo Boom [Tracklist + Album Art]
Fool For You (Single Version)
G.A.M. [Grown Ass Man]
Give It To Me Right
Give It To Me Right [BURNS Remix]
Give It To Me Right [Paul Emmanuel Radio Mix]
Give It To Me Right [rap version]
Gone (La Dada Di)
Gone and Never Coming Back
Here Then Gone
I Been That Girl
I'm A Fool
I've Been That Girl
If I Fall
Is Anybody Out There?
Island Boy
It Kills Me
It Kills Me [Breakage Remix]
It Kills Me [Da Internz Remix]
It Kills Me [E. London Mega Mix]
It Kills Me [Headbanga Remix]
It Kills Me [rap version]
La Vie En Rose
Let It Rain
Like I Love You
Love Yourself
Lovers in the Parking Lot
Monday Morning
Next Train
No Cigarette Smoking (In My Room)
No Games [Part II]
Please Don't Go (Cry Baby)
Ready Set Go
Rock, Paper, Scissors
Sad Songs
Send Me a Sign
Somebody Come Get Me [Before I Kill This Man]
Soundboy Kill It
Speak More See Soon
Teach Him
This Time
Turn You On
Wake Up Everybody
Walk On By
Watch Me Work
We Are The World 25 For Haiti
What Am I to Do
Wrong Side of A Love Song
You Stop My Heart
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