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The Universe Smiles Upon You (2015)

Awakening (2014)

The Aviary (1966)

The Complete Poetical Works of Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Vol I


Other Songs

"Lines left upon a Seat in a Yew-tree which stands near the Lake of Esthwaite"
A Beck in Winter
A Hint to Premiers and First Consuls
A Mathematical Problem
A Metrical Accident
A Plaintive Movement
A Simile
A Soliloquy Of The Full Moon, She Being In A Mad Passion
Always Audible
An Angel Visitant
An Apology for Spencers
An evil spirit's on thee, friend
An excellent adage
An Exile
An Experiment for a Metre
An Invocation
An Ode in the Manner of Anacreon
Anna and Harland
Answer to a Child's Question
Anthem for the Children of Christ's Hospital
Association of Ideas
Authors and Publishers
Ave, Atque Vale!
Baron Guelph of Adelstan. A Fragment
Biographia Literaria (Ch. 1)
Biographia Literaria (Ch. 12)
Biographia Literaria (Ch. 13)
Biographia Literaria (Ch. 2)
Bo-Peep and I Spy—
Bob now resolves
Charity in Thought
Charles, grave or merry
Cholera Cured Before-hand
Comparative Brevity of Greek and English
Dejection: An Ode
Destruction of the Bastile
Domestic Peace
Drinking versus Thinking
Dura Navis
Each Bond-street buck
Easter Holidays
Elisa: Translated from Claudian
Epigram on Kepler
Epitaph 4B
Epitaph of the Present Year on the Monument of Thomas Fuller
Epitaph on a Bad Man (Three Versions)
Epitaph on a Mercenary Miser
Epitaph on an Infant
Epitaph on an Infant(1811)
Epitaph on Himself
Epitaph on Major Dieman
Fall 2014 Annotation Assignment 2: The Rime of the Ancient Mariner and Sea Ballads
First Advent of Love
For a House-Dog's Collar
For a Market-clock
Fragment of an Ode on Napoleon
Fragments from a Notebook
From an Old German Poet
From me, Aurelia
From the German
Frost at Midnight 290
Hamlet and His Problems
Here lies the Devil
Humility the Mother of Charity
If I had but two little wings
If the guilt of all lying
Imitated from Aristophanes
Imitated from the Welsh
In Spain, that land
In vain I praise thee, Zoilus
Inscription for a Time-piece
Inside the Coach
Job's Luck
Kubla Khan
Kubla Khan B2
Kubla Khan: or, a Vision in a Dream (Omar Soriano)
Lines in a German Student's Album
Lines to Thomas Poole
Love (4A)
Love's Sanctuary
Modern Critics
Money, I've heard
Monody on a Tea-kettle
Monody on the Death of Chatterton
Morienti Superstes
Motto for a Transparency
My Godmother's Beard
Nil Pejus est Caelibe Vitâ
Nonsense ('I wish on earth to sing')
Nonsense Sapphics
Nonsense Verses
Nothing speaks our mind
Occasioned by the Former
Occasioned by the Last
Of smart pretty Fellows
Old Harpy
On a Discovery Made Too Late
On a Lady Weeping
On a Late Marriage between an Old Maid and French Petit Maître
On a Reader of His Own Verses
On a Report of a Minister's Death
On a Slanderer
On a Volunteer Singer
On an Amorous Doctor
On an Infant which died before Baptism
On an Insignificant
On Deputy ——
On Donne's Poem 'To a Flea'
On Donne's Poetry
On Imitation
On Mr. Ross, usually Cognominated Nosy
On Pitt and Fox
On receiving an Account that his Only Sister's Death was Inevitable
On seeing a Youth Affectionately Welcomed by a Sister
On Sir Rubicund Naso
On the Above
On the Curious Circumstance, That in the German
On the Most Veracious Anecdotist
On the Secrecy of a Certain Lady
On the Sickness of a Great Minister
Once again, sweet Willow, wave thee'
Over my Cottage
Pondere non Numero
Profuse Kindness
Progress of Vice
Quae Nocent Docent
Reason for Love's Blindness
Say what you will, Ingenious Youth
Scarce any scandal
So Mr. Baker
Song, ex improviso, on hearing a Song in praise of a Lady's Beauty
Song, To be Sung by the Lovers of all the noble liquors
Songs of Shepherds, and rustical Roundelays'
Sonnet: To the Autumnal Moon
Spots in the Sun
The Alternative
The Bridge Street Committee
The Compliment Qualified
The Death of the Starling
The Female Vagrant
The Foster-Mother's Tale
The Homeric Hexameter described and exemplified
The Lark
The Man Who Took My Sunglasses
The Netherlands
The Nightingale, a Conversational Poem
The Nightingale, a conversational poem.
The Nose
The Ovidian Elegiac Metre described and exemplified
The Proper Unmodified Dochmius
The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner
The Rime of the Ancient Mariner In Seven Parts, from Sibylline Leaves (1817)
The Rime of the Ancyent Marinere
The Second Birth
The Taste of the Times
The Three Sorts of Friends
The Wills of the Wisp
There comes from old Avaro's grave
There in some darksome shade'
This Lime-Tree Bower My Prison
This Lime-Tree Bower My Prison (British Lit Assignment)
To a Certain Modern Narcissus
To a Child
To a Critic
To a Lady offended by a Sportive Observation that Women have no Souls
To a Lady who requested me to Write a Poem upon Nothing
To a Proud Parent
To a Vain Young Lady
To a Well-known Musical Critic
To Baby Bates
To be ruled like a Frenchman
To Captain Findlay
To Edward Irving
To Miss A. T.
To Mr. Pye
To my Candle
To One Who Published in Print
To Susan Steele
To T. Poole: An Invitation
To the Evening Star
To the Muse
To ——
Translation of a Fragment of Heraclitus
Translation of a Latin Inscription
Translation of the First Strophe of Pindar's Second Olympic
Verses Trivocular
Westphalian Song
What is an Epigram
When Surface talks
Work without Hope
Written in an Album
[A Liar by Profession]
[Ars Poetica]
[De Profundis Clamavi]
[Dear Brother Jem]
[Ex Libris S. T. C.]
[L'Enfant Prodigue]
[Luther—De Dæmonibus]
[Not a Critic—But a Judge]
[The Night-Mare Death in Life]
[To a Virtuous Oeconomist]
Μωροσοφία, or Wisdom in Folly
“Kubla Khan Or, a vision in a dream. A Fragment"
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