Kurtis Blow Lyrics

Vamo Que Vamo Que o Som Não Pode Parar (2017)

Pabulum (2016)

Kurtis Blow presents Hip Hop Ministry (2007)

Can You Feel Me (1996)

Rapmasters 2: The Best of the Rhyme (1989)

Kingdom Blow (1986)

America (1985)

Rap 2 (1985)

Other Songs

8 Million Stories
A.M. P.M.
AJ Scratch
All I Want in This World (Is to Find That Girl)
Amityville (The House On The Hill)
Baby, You've Got to Go
Big Time Hood
Can You Feel It?
Can You Feel Me?
Christmas Rappin'
Christmas Rappin' (Do It Yourself version - instrumental)
Cold Chillin'
Crunk Wit It*
Day Dreamin', Stay Schemin'
Do The Do
Don't Be Stupid
Don't You Dog Me
Ego Trip
Face the Sun (Africa)
Fallin Back in Love Again
Fast Life
Fat Boys
Fat Boys Scratch
Games Female Play
Games People Play
Games People Play
Going Diamond
Got To Dance
Hard Core Reggae
Hard Times
Hard Times
Holdin' Na
Human Beat Box
I Can't Take it No More
I'm Chillin'
If I Ruled The World
If I Ruled the World (Imagine That)
It's Like That
Jail House Rap
Joy and Pain (Remix)
King Holiday
Kurtis Blow - 1986 Sprite Commercial
One-Two-Five (Main Street, Harlem, USA)
Party Time
Problems Of The World
Pump It Up
Rappin' Blow, Pt. 2
Rock 'N' Roll
Save Your Love (for #1)
Starski Live At The Disco Fever
Starski Live At The Fever Pt. II
Stick 'Em
Sun City
Sun City (Version II)
Take It to the Bridge
Takin' Care Of Business
That's Kool (Remix)
The Boogie Blues
The Breaks
The Breaks (instrumental)
The Breaks (Part 1)
The Bronx
The Fat Boys Are Back
The Place to Be
Throughout Your Years
Too Close
Under Fire
Way Out West
XChé Sì!
Yes, Yes, Y'all
You've Gotta Believe
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