Fat Joe Lyrics

Beast Mode, Vol. 3 (2019)

The Diam Piece 2 (2019)

xXx: Return of Xander Cage Soundtrack (2017)

DITC Studios (2016)

The Remix Project (2015)

The Rise of a City (2014)

Multishow Ao Vivo Naldo Benny CD1 (2013)

I.M. 4-Eva (2012)

Music Saved My Life (2012)

The Journal, Volume 1: Rebirth (2011)

The Darkside, Volume 1 (2010)

There's Something about Remy: Based on a True Story (2006)


True Story (2004)

Love Don't Cost a Thing (Original Soundtrack) (2003)

The Lex Diamond Story (2003)

40 Dayz, 40 Nightz (2002)

The Sting: Bobby Digital Bonus Disc (2002)

The Transporter: Music From and Inspired by the Motion Picture (2002)

My Lifestyle (2001)

The Dirty Version (1999)

U Don't Know Me (Like U Used To) – The Remix EP (1999)

Straight Outta Compton: N.W.A 10th Anniversary Tribute (1998)

Relativity Urban Assault (1996)

The D&D Project (1995)

My Brother's Keeper (1993)

I'm Not Playin' (1989)

Almost Like Praying

Broken Chains

Funk Flex Freestyles

Hoodie Season 3

How We Roll

Journey of a Gemini (Unreleased)

Love Don't Cost a Thing (CD single)

Strictly the Best 31

The Brooklyn Beast

We Got Next (Vol 1) By Dj Legit

Written In Stone

Other Songs

(Ha Ha) Slow Down
(Stay Away From the) Nasty Hoes
1, 2 Pass It
300 Brolic
5 Fingers of Death
9th Wonder
A Great Day in Hip-Hop
A View From The Underground
A Word To Da Wise
About All That
Ain't Sayin' Nothin'
All Around the World
All I Do Is Win (Remix)
All I Need
All Luv
All the Way Up
All the Way Up (David Guetta Remix)
All The Way Up (Fly Mix)
All The Way Up (Remix Verse)
All the Way Up (Remix)
All The Way Up (Spanish Remix)
All the Way Up (Westside Remix)
All the Way Up [Official Remix]
All We Know
Almost Like Praying
Almost Like Praying (Salsa Remix)
Angels Say
Another Day
Another Round
Another Round (Remix)
Another Wild n*gga From the Bronx
Another Wild n*gger From The Bronx
Around the World
Ay Papi
Back on My Bullsh*t
Bad Bad Man
Beat Novacane
Bendicion Mami
Bendiction Mami
Best Behavior
Best Kept Secret
Bet Ya Man Can't (Triz)
Big Business
Billy Ocean
Boriquas On Da Set
Boriquas on Da Set (Remix)
Born In Da Ghetto
Born in the Ghetto
Brave in the Heart
Breathe and Stop
Bring 'Em Back
Bring it On
Bronx Keeps Creating It
Bronx Tale
Brown Paper Bag
Bust at You
Buy Back The Block (Refinance Version)
Capital Punishment Album Cover
Ceilings to the Sky
Chevy Ridin High (Remix)
Clientele Kidd
Cocaine White
Come and Party With Me
Courtroom (Intro)
Cross Bronx Expressway
Crush Tonight
Da Fat Gangsta
Dancin' (Remix)
Darkside iii (feat. dre)
Dat Gangsta sh*t
De Automatic
Definition of a Don
Dirty Diana
Dirty NY
Does Anybody Know
Don Cartagena
Don Cartegena
Don't Do It
Don't Ever Play Yourself
Don't Go Over There
Don't Know
Drop a Body
Drop It-N-Rock It
En Why Cee (NYC) (Remix)
Enemies (Remix)
Everybody Get Up
Facts (Remix)
Fat Joe & Punisher Freestyle
Fat Joe Speaks
Fat Joe vs. George (Scary Movie 3 Rap Battle)
Fat Joe's in Town
Fat Joe's Way
Feelin' So Good
Feelin' So Good (Bad Boy Remix)
Fight Club
Fightin' Over Me
Find Out
Flipmode (Remix)
Flow Joe
Flowers For The Dead
Fly Away
Foolish (Remix)
For My Own
Free Again
Freestyle Over Xzibit "At the Speed of Life" Instrumental
f*ck Them Other n*ggas
f*ck These b*tches
Full Moon (Remix)
Game's Pain (Remix)
Gangbanging Interlude
Gasolina (Remix)
Get Breaded
Get It for Life
Get It Poppin'
Get On Up
Get the Hell On With That
Get Your Grind On
Girl I'm A Bad Boy
Girl, I'm a Bad Boy
Glamour Life
Go Ahead
Go Crazy (Remix)
God Bless
God Not Money (freestyle)
Good Times
Good Times
Goodbye (Remix)
Grand Hang Out
Hard Not to Kill
He's Not Real
He's Not Real (Intro)
Heavenly Father
Heavy Weights
Hello Love (Remix)
Hip Hop
Hold You Down
Hold You Down
Hold You Down (Cory Rooney Spring Mix)
Hold You Down (Remix to the Remix)
Hold You Down [Cory Rooney Spring Clean Mix]
Hold You Down [The Eliel Mix]
Holla At Me
How Did We Get Here
Hustle Hard (Remix)
I Am Crack
I Can Do U
I Don't Care
I Don't Care (Ralphi & Craig's club radio edit)
I Get Lifted
I Got This in a Smash
I Never Liked Ya Ass
I Shot Ya (Remix)
I Want You
I Won't Tell
I Won't Tell (Remix)
I'm 'Bout It
I'm a Hit That
I'm Gone
I'm So Hood (Remix)
Ice Cream
If It Ain't About Money
In For Life
In This b*tch
Instagram that h** (feat. rick ross, juicy j)
Instagram That Hoe
Internationally Known
Intro (The Darkside)
It's Like That (Remix)
It's Nothin
It's Nothing
It's O.K
It's Okay (One Blood) [Remix]
It's Over (Remix)
Jam On It
Joey Don't Do It
John Blaze
K.A.R. (Kill All Rats)
Keep Sweatin'
King NY
King of N.Y.
La Rhumba (Remix)
La Rhumba (Remix)
Lean Back
Lean Back (Remix)
Lean Back Remix
Let the Games Begin
Let Them Things Go
Lets Get It On
Letter To My Son
Liberace (Extended Remix)
Liberace (Full Remix)
Liberace - Remix
Life Goes On
Listen Baby
Live Big (Remix)
Livin' Fat
Los Gordos
Love Don't Cost a Thing (RJ Schoolyard Mix)
Love Don't Cost a Thing [HQ2 Mix]
Love Me Long Time
Love You To Pieces
Madison Squares
Mafia Music (Remix)
Major Key [Tracklist + Album Art]
Make 'Em So Proud
Make It Rain
Make It Rain (Remix)
Make It Rain On 'Em
Make It Rain [Clean] by Fat Joe
Make It Rain [Explicit]
Make the Crowd Roar
Make Way
Metal Thangz 2
MGM Grand
Misery Needs Company
Money Over b*tches
Money Showers
More In The Morning
Mula (Remix)
Murder Rap
My 44
My Conscience
My FoFo
My Lifestyle
My Lifestyle (Remix)
My Lord
My Man Ski
My Man Ski (Interlude)
My World
Nahmeanuheard (Remix)
New York
New York
No Drama
No Drama (Clap & Revolve)
No Mercy
No Problems
No Regrets
Nobody Home
Not Your Average Joe
Nothing's Gonna Stop Me
NY State of Mind (Unreleased)
Oh sh*t
Okay Okay
On And On
One Shot
One Shot (Killed For Less)
Opposites Attract
Opposites Attract (What They Like)
Out For the Cash
Paper Touchin (Remix Part Three)
Paper Touchin (Remix Part Two)
Parental Discretion
Part Deux
Pass Dat sh*t
Pass the Glock
Philly Mega Mix
Pick It Up
Piggy Bank
Play No Games
Plenty Nigazzz
Pop U
Porn Star
Preacher on a Sunday Morning
Pride N Joy
Pride N Joy (Remix)
Prove Something
Pushing Keys
Put Ya in Da Game
Que Mas Da (I Don't Care) (Luny Tunes Reggaeton Mix)
Que Tu Sabes D'eso
Quiet On Tha Set
Rappers Are in Danger
Rat Joe (Skit 2)
Rat Joe (Skit)
Reggaetón Latino (Chosen Few Remix)
Reppin' My City
Repressed memories
Respect Mine
Rock Ya Body
Rubber Grip (feat. Fat Joe & Styles P)
Rudeboy Salute
Rules We Live By
Safe 2 Say
Safe 2 Say (The Incredible)
Salt Shaker (Remix)
Say Word
Se Joga
She's My Mama
sh*t is Real Pt. III
Shorty (Put It On The Floor)
Shorty Gotta Fat Ass
Shot Caller
Shot Caller (Remix)
So Excited
So Fly
So Hot
So Much More
South Park/South Bronx
Still Getting It
Still Getting It
Still Not a Player
Still Real
Story to Tell
Story To Tell [Clean]
Success (DJ Premier Remix)
Survive or Die
Take a Look at My Life
Take a Look at My Life (Remix)
Take Me Home
Tamale (Remix)
Tell Me What You Want
Temptation Pt. 1
Temptation Pt. 2
Tequila Sunrise (Uncensored Remix)
Terror Era
Terror Era
Terror Squadians
That White
That's Nasty
That's Nasty (Remix)
The Crack Attack
The Crack House
The Crackhouse
The Crackhouse (Happy Father's Day)
The Cypher
The Enemy
The Enemy
The Fugitive
The General Remix (Salute Me)
The Hidden Hand
The Intro Feat. Dre
The Love I Need (I Need Love) (Remix)
The Profit
The Punisher
The Rhythm
The sh*t is Real
The sh*t Is Real (DJ Premier Remix)
The Triboro
The Wild Life
They Got Me
Thicker Than Blood
Think About It
Think About It [Clean]
Thug Love
Top of the World (Remix)
TS Piece
Turn Me On
Twinz (Deep Cover '98)
U Feel Me
Uncensored - skit
Underground Life
Up (Remix)
Valley of Death
Walk On By
Want Beef
Watch Out
Watch Out
Watch the Sound
Way of Life
Way of Life (Original)
We Global
We Ridin'
We Run This sh*t
We Takin' Over
We Thuggin
We Thuggin (Remix)
We Thuggin'
Welcome to My Hood (Remix)
Welcome To The Darkside
What Is Sexy
What's Luv?
What's Ya Point?
When I Die
When I Die
Who Got Gunz
Who's That
Why Me?
Why Me?
Winding on Me
Wipe Me Down (Remix)
Wishful Thinking
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
Yellow Tape
Yes Dem to Def
You Ain't Sayin' Nothing
You Make Me Say
You Must Be Out Of Your f*ckin' Mind
You Was Wrong
Your Honor