Amiri Baraka Lyrics

Buck: Original Book Soundtrack (2015)

Offbeat: A Red Hot Sound Trip (1996)

Real Song (1995)

Other Songs

"New Music and Poetry" (Liner Notes)
A Contract. (For the Destruction and Rebuilding of Paterson
A Poem for Black Hearts
Amiri Baraka Changed My Life, Celebrating Amiri in Sonics this April
An Agony. As Now
Balboa, the Entertainer
Black Art
Black Dada Nihilismus
Digging Max (At Seventy Five, All the Way Live!)
In Memory of Radio
Jungle Jim Flunks His Screen Test
Monday in B-Flat
Notes For a Speech
Preface to a Twenty Volume Suicide Note
Somebody Blew Up America
Three Modes of History and Culture
Way Out West
Who Will Survive America
Why is We Americans (Excerpt)
Wise 2
Wise I
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